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Buying cheap pants online that match current fit

zerg rushzerg rush Registered User regular
edited May 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
I recently ruined my favorite pair of pants with a nice dark ink blot on them. (For reference they're "346" Brook's Brothers, Advantage Chinos, Elliot fit, W31/L30, RN 93986. This links to it.) The problem is that they cost $100 at that website, which is completely out of my budget. There has to be a cheaper way to buy them. They're made in a Malaysian sweat shop (according to the tag) probably for pennies on the dollar.

I've had fantastic success in buying retail goods online in the past. I bought two pairs of glasses that would have cost $400+ each for less than $50 for both (2-for-1 sale from eyebuydirect), and they're the best glasses I've ever owned. I also had luck buying custom printed t-shirts for way cheaper than physical stores could do (and better quality too). However, I haven't yet tried to buy clothes that require a very tight fit, like a suit or well fitted pants. I'm curious if there are reputable places where you can buy them online. Trying to google "buy cheap pants online" and other variants returns a deluge of results, and I have no idea which ones to trust.

So H/A, where should I go to buy high quality slacks online for cheap (or at least, cheap-er)?

(Also, if it's possible to actually order the exact pants I want from the Malaysian manufacturer, that would be awesome too. But I don't know if that's at all possible.)

zerg rush on


  • BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    edited May 2012 and are the two I know of, off the top of my head.

    (edit: and yes, you could probably find the exact pants you want from a counterfeit malaysian website, but I believe that would be against the rules)

    Burtletoy on
  • EggyToastEggyToast Registered User regular
    The thing about buying from a counterfeit malaysian website, or even an illicit importer, is that the pants that make it to Brooks Brothers go through another level of quality review. You'd be more likely to get the remainders that are technically worthless due to imperfections/bad work, at which point spending the money would seem like an even worse idea.

    Quick answer: these are apparently the same pants but in a longer inseam for $7. If you take them to an alteration shop, a hem would set you back no more than $10, so you'd have a fresh pair for around $20.

    Long answer: Go to Macy's or another department store and try on pants. Talk to a person there about the fit you like. I personally like flat front pants and it's easier for me to say "Show me your flat front pants" than for me to hunt through racks. The problem with ordering pants online is that unless you're buying exactly what you want, the odds of you being 100% happy with it are pretty low, due to the variations in fit. I too like slim pants and the only way for me to know I'm getting exactly what I want is to go to a store. Macy's (or similar) will have a good variety of pants in modern styles and the prices will largely be much less compared to Brooks Brothers, especially for Chinos.

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  • zerg rushzerg rush Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    Ah. Well I wont try to buy from Malaysia then. I was hoping there was the exact same thing from a legitimate surplus store. (Eg, all glasses, from the most expensive to the cheapest, are made by the Luxottica umbrella corp, then later stamped with designer brands. So it's literally the same thing just with a 'name premium' if you know the item number and it's legitimate.)

    I'll definitely check out those websites, and follow the advice. Thanks guys.

    zerg rush on
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