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[GURPS DF 8] Let's Roll Up Some Treasure!

Grey_ChocolateGrey_Chocolate Registered User regular
edited June 2012 in Critical Failures
Okay, see this?;

We're gonna use this book to make some cool stuff for parties to find in dungeons. Full disclosure: we're basing the items on the GURPS system, and its Dungeon Fantasy series subgenre. You may have to re-work the stats on creations if you want to drop them into D&D games and the like.

If you have your own copy of DF 8, you can play along. Otherwise, suggest/vote either completely random generation of treasure, semi-randomised generation or give me a basic discription of what kind of treasure to generate.

Some Treasures I've Prepared Earlier:

Branded Shatterproof Icy Poisonwooden Stake with Minimal Nails

$63 + $8,000
0.5 lbs.

+3 reaction from buyers.
Follow-up agent with 5 minute delay, HT+2 roll to resist, 1 toxic damage and 1 fatigue damage for six hourly cycles.
Shatterproof (Skill 15) enchantment.

Pattern of metal beads driven into part of item.
Pattern burned into item.
Appears to be made of ice, but otherwises performs as normal.

Silver-Coated Orichalcum Trident of Might and Deadliness

5 lbs.

* SPEAR (DX-5, Polearm-4, or Staff-2)
* Damage thr+3 (0.5) imp/thr+4 (0.5) two hands, Reach 1*/1, 2* two hands, Parry 0U/0 two hands, ST 11/10 two hands, -2 to hit, can strike to disarm (page B401) without -2 to hit, target gets -1 Dodge and +1 Block or Parry.

Won't break, parried weapons suffer +2 odds of breakage.
Might 1 (SL 15), Power 2 - page M37, +1 ST, cost 2, same to maintain, duration 1 minute, self-powered.
Vital Seeker +1 (SL 15) - offsets penalty to target vitals by 1.
Silver-coated - wounding modifier x1.5, extra damage to silver vulnerable enemies.
Small baked-on enamel design.
Scent of blood.

Deflecting Fine Legionary Helmet of Hiding with Minimal Cheap Inlay, Wrong Shadow and Cheap Fringe

DR 4 (skull, face)

Can cast Hide spell at skill 20
Deflect (DB) +4 enchantment at skill 20

Small concentric circles design carved into surface and filled in with gold.
Common feathers at the edging.
Casts shadow at wrong angle.

$1927.50 + $118000
4.5 lbs.

Scythe of Climbing

Small design carved into item, then filled with ebony.

5 lbs.
+2 reaction from buyers

* TWO-HANDED AXE/MACE (DX-5, Axe/Mace-3, Polearm-4, or Two-Handed Flail-4)
* Damage sw+2 cut/sw imp (may get stuck, page B405), Reach 1, Parry 0U, ST 11

Climbing +1 enchantment (cost 1, same to maintain, 1 minute duration, +1 bonus to Climbing skill, page M35)

Engraved Metal Scroll of Magic Resistance 4

Magic Resistance 4 (page M123), energy 4 to cast (same to maintain), 6 seconds casting time, 1 minute duration, resisted by Will + Magery, increases Magic Resistance by 2 per energy point (1 per point if resisted).

Requires Accented or better comprehension of written language, hold in two hands to ready, speak aloud with Broken or better speaking comprehension, 2x normal casting time, -1 or -3 penalty to cast if Accented or Broken spoken comprehension.

Won't be destroyed by any means.

Skill 16

0.25 lbs.

I have more prepared examples as well, if people in the thread are interested.

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