Need a friend from Iowa to help me get gay married!

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Hello everyone,
My fiance and I have been together for 3 years. We would like to get married now! I proposed in February, during our vacation to Orlando The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have been to PAX many times, but this last year was his first. We had a blast together and this year's PAX is actually a big part of our honeymoon.

We really, really had our heart set on getting married in Washington, as we will likely be moving there in a year or two. Unfortunately, the hate groups in Washington blocked the bill from passing easily, and it is likely going to the ballot in November. Not to be deterred, we're now planning on getting married (ceremony/party) on August 26th (a Sunday) in our hometown of Wichita, KS, then flying to Iowa early Monday morning for the legal stuff. The flight options we're looking at could get us out of Iowa and into Seattle later that day, OR we could stay the night and leave for Seattle the next morning. We're going to do honeymoony stuff on Tuesday-Thurs, then PAX it up, and come back to Wichita (and work, ugh) on Monday after PAX.

Here's where I need some help/advice. If you live in Iowa or are close to friends/family there, can you give me an idea of what to expect when we go to the courthouse? From my research it looks easy enough to show up, fill out the paperwork, show your photo ID and social card, and get a justice of the peace to marry you up. But then there's some sort of 3-day waiting period. What's that about? Do we have to come back at least 3 days later? That would suck.

Lastly, but I think most importantly, we need a witness. We do not know anyone in Iowa. But my favorite thing about PAX is people. I always leave PAX with a few new friends. This time, I'd like to make one before PAX, so that the new friend could also witness my wedding to my awesome partner, Dakota.

If you can help, we'd be forever grateful. We just want to get married, but this road is bumpy for a couple of gay Kansas nerds.



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    I'm not sure why this was suggested to be posted here, but since the main bits of this thread aren't PAX related, it's not really the appropriate place for it.

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