Flash causing temporary freeze

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Within about the past week, whenever I play a video on youtube or play some flash audio, the screen will lock up, but audio will continue at an extremely slow rate (a couple words spread out along the 30 second to minute duration of the freeze). Afterwards, the video has progressed a couple seconds and everything goes back to normal. Happens on firefox13, and did it in Chrome when I installed that to test it.

I'm on an Asus eeepc, 1005pe. I have updated flash and my graphics drivers. I started running resource monitor in the background so after the freeze I could see if anything obvious happened but all that it shows is CPU usage flatlining for a few seconds despite the freeze lasting 30-60 seconds. I've been thinking its either a new flash version problem, or an overheating issue? But I've had it for over a year and it has only started recently. Anyone have any ideas?

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