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[3.5] The Madness of Marbon: Homebrew campaign podcast

DMSimonDMSimon Registered User
edited June 2012 in Critical Failures
Inspired, largely, by PA's own recorded adventures of Aquisitions Inc., I've edited and serialised the latest playthrough my friends and I have enjoyed, to the effect of a focused, dramatic story-arc; just as it was written. Episode two, of a seventeen-part, digestible series, has just gone live.
I've often recorded from the DM chair, to hear back on what the party has or hasn't enjoyed, or where my goverance has been poor; to help improve both my writing and game-running, to everyone's enjoyment. I figured I'd put an entire recording to use elsewhere.
Hopefully you'll enjoy this series for what it is: not too polished, no celebrities; just some gamers who have enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons for the Best Years of Their Lives, and wanted to share the experience.
As it marks the last game sessions before The Real World fractured our game group, perhaps the series acts as somewhat of a swan song for divided tablemates everywhere.
I'm posting it here to give it an appropriate audience: avid and devoted gamers who hopefully will appreciate it for what it is. Thank you and enjoy

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