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[Rain-Slick Precipice] FAQ

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What is On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3?

Several years ago, Penny Arcade joined up with Hothead Games to create an episodic series of video games based on a new setting that used many of the Penny Arcade characters. For a few reasons, however, PA and Hothead decided to break it off and leave the series unfinished. Jerry Holkins (aka @Tycho) did his best to fill in the game, and wrote Episode 3 as a story to give fans some kind of closure. That would be the end of Rain-Slick, until a new developer was found, and the game given life once more.

Who is the new developer?

Zeboyd Games, a literal two-man team whose members have history here in these very forums. Their previous works include Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World. @RainbowDespair and @Slash000 will dip in here from time-to-time to answer any questions. Be polite when asking questions.

When is it coming out? What can I play it on? What is the price?

The game is out now on PC via Steam and XBLIG!

The game's price is $4.99 or 400 MS Points.

Is this a sequel or what?

The game takes place shortly after Episode 2.

Do I need to have played Episodes 1&2?

It can't hurt! Zeboyd, however, says that new players will not be lost.

What about my character in 1&2?

Player avatars are no longer a thing in Episode 3, but Zeboyd says that this will be addressed in the narrative.

Why is the art so different?

There are reasons for this. The easiest is that Zeboyd works in a retro style, and so Episode 3 will follow suit. The other reason is that Mike Krahulik (aka @Gabriel) didn't enjoy doing the art for video games as much as he expected. He wrote a post explaining all this, and it is definitely worth a read.

Who is doing the writing?

Tycho enjoyed doing the writing, and that has not changed. His prose features heavily in the game.

Should I read Tycho's Episode 3 story?

The plot of the game takes from Tycho's earlier work, but they said at PAX East that the game is not going follow it 100%. Reading it is not a requirement to enjoy the game.

How has the gameplay changed?

The game is still an RPG, but now follows in the vein of 16-bit JRPGs with turn-based command menus and all that good stuff. Zeboyd has done a commendable job of taking a lot of the pain from random encounters in a variety of ways. Players heal up to full at the end of each combat, and mana starts at 0 and slowly fills with each turn. At the same time, monsters slowly became more powerful with each turn, adding tension to random battles. The result is an emphasis on the battles themselves instead of an endurance run against many weak enemies.

How long is it?

Video game length can be tricky to determine, but rough estimates are 8-10 hours. There are also multiple difficulties to tackle.

Is this the end of the Penny Arcade Adventures?

Nope! Apparently Zeboyd is already on deck to create Episode 4. The details aren't in stone, but that is looking at a 2013 release.

Will Tycho be doing another written story for Episode 4?

Since the intent of the written Episode 3 story was to give fans closure, it is highly unlikely that another standalone story will be released for Episode 4.

Episode 1 & 2 FAQ

User @JC of DI did a big FAQ for the older games, and I'll keep that here for archival reasons.

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