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[PATV] Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - Extra Credits Season 4, Ep. 7: TransGaming

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image[PATV] Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - Extra Credits Season 4, Ep. 7: TransGaming

This week, we try (and fail) to contain our excitement about connected gaming experiences.<br /> Come discuss this topic in the <a href="; target="_blank">forums</a>!<br /> Details about the PAX East meet-up available <a href="; target="_blank">here</a>!

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  • kendronekendrone Registered User new member
    DUST 5 1 4, not 5 4 1. ARGH!

  • FnorosFnoros Registered User regular
    didn't you know that they pronounce numbers half-backwards in canada?

  • DigibroDigibro Registered User new member
    Having been 7 when Pokemon came out in the US, I can say, yup! Going into the game, I was already aware of the workings of all the systems. Type weaknesses made sense, and the game didn't even have to tell me how to take advantage of them. I already knew what my goals were in the game (evolve my Pokemon, explore the world, etc.), so the game didn't even have to try to be fun - the show had already given it context to be.

    I too am excited about the idea of the casual games my mom plays obsessively possibly connecting to the games I play.

  • forivallforivall Registered User new member
    When I read the title of this show, I thought it was going to be about the company that makes Cedega, a commercial version of Wine, focused on allowing Linux and Mac users to play Windows only games. Oh well. Although, if you want to keep talking about this topic, you might need to change the name, or at least don't capitalize the 'G'.

  • rash92rash92 Registered User new member
    this sounds awesome, i hope one day you get strategy game on one level, and the armies that you send to fight are controlled as an fps/ rpg.

  • lordhobanlordhoban Registered User regular
    I've been considering these kinds of cross game gaming for years and glad to see it starting to actually take effect.

  • GregorioeGregorioe Registered User new member
    Something like this happened for me and my friends when I played Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast. I had the visual memory unit (vmu), so as I played the game, my friends would hang out with me and play the minigame, I think it was called Pip's Quest, that could be loaded onto the vmu. This would get me anything from gold to items that leveled you up (moonstones). These were guys who could not care less about a JRPG, but it made them feel like they had a shared investment in the game, and at the same time allowed me to hang out with friends while I played an ostensibly single player game. It's a Win/Win!

  • VolragVolrag Registered User regular
    To be honest transgaming could be a great tool to preserve great game universes. For example the mass effect universe i personally love and would love to see it in more games, but the story of shepard has already ended. It would be a massive waste to let the mass effect universe die there, and how many other great game worlds have the potential to remain interesting beyond their story?

  • BugsinspaceBugsinspace Registered User regular
    YES I haven't played Spore in ages but I remember thinking the civilisation section was pretty crap and would have been Heaps better if you could play it as a Sid Meier Civ game - but I thought that was pie-in-the-sky dreaming on my part! Cross-game tie-ins would be maaad really hope this happens!

  • ch3shirecatch3shirecat Game Designer IsraelRegistered User regular
    edited April 2013

    (no, not the blizzard kind)

    ch3shirecat on
  • Time PantsTime Pants Registered User regular
    This is a dream of mine. I love fighting games practically to the exclusion of everything else, while one of my best friends is way, way into RTS (specifically Starcraft 2). I really can't get excited about the genre because I hate having to play the game for five minutes before I can actually, you know, PLAY THE GAME, but that's exactly what my buddy loves about RTS: the thoughtful, deliberate buildup and management of resources and the shifting dynamics of tactics vs. strategy as the battle unfolds. RTS and fighting games are pretty much diametric opposites in terms of both gameplay and appeal. Even though we love playing games together, we seldom have the chance to do so because so few games appeal to the both of us. I dream of a hybrid RTS/fighting game wherein one player per team assumes the role of the "general," managing resources, building structures, producing units, etc., while the rest of the "soldiers" provide assistance by winning 2D fighter-styled battles. This could take the form of "possessing" individual units and skirmishing with enemy units in a 2D fighting environment, or perhaps the "soldiers" take turns as attacker and defender, where a successful attack (beating your opponent in the 2D fighting game) inflicts temporary debuffs on enemy units. Perhaps different characters could inflict different debuffs, or the margin of victory would influence the magnitude of the debuff? The "general," in turn, could provide support to his "soldiers" during combat. Maybe he could sacrifice resources or workers to increase the soldier's super meter, or provide armor that would prevent chip damage from special moves?

    It's a lot to iron out, but I think it's a novel hybrid, and it'd definitely be a type of transgaming I could get excited about.

  • keys501keys501 Registered User new member
    pokemon is still going strong with ash still the same age as he used to be

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