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So I'm having trouble figuring out what to do with Tycho. Gabe is the brick, Jim the mage, and speedster Moira, but what about Tycho? Healer? What goes with Gentleman? His stats suggest mage, but Jim is a better one, and his physical stats aren't that good.

I've been using:




-Diva (Not sure about this one either, using it for the speed boost)

Any tips?

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    The_ReflectionThe_Reflection Registered User regular
    beat the game with

    Gabe - Hobo and Masochist
    Tycho - Gentleman and Gardenar
    Jim - Elemenstor and Apocalypt
    Moira - Dinosaurceror and Cordwainer

    Gabe fucks shit up Tycho puts out a quick bees garden and heals and buffs. Jim calls skeletons and either applies prophecies if its a long battle or just starts laying fools out if big weak packs and moira transforms then uses her stored mp to clean up. Worked really well for me

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    Ghostly ClockworkGhostly Clockwork Registered User regular
    I beat the game and the bonus boss without too much problem with

    Gabe - Tube Samuari, Crabomancer (The attack bonuses and the Defense)
    Tycho - Elemenstor, Apocalypt (Long term damage)
    Jim - Gentleman, Dinosorcerer (The "Charming" skill for Gentleman and just Dinos)
    Moria - Cordwainer, Gardenar (The speed based attacked with Cordwainer, and the gardens for DOT or heals)

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    TriskTrisk Registered User regular
    Gabe-Tube Samurai/Hobo/Masochist (Changed pending on the battle)
    Moria- Cordwainer, Gardener

    Gabe played pretty much standard DPS, after throwing buffs on him and Energizers I could get him to do one of his punches for some 40k damage a turn, but only once or twice and it took awhile to set up properly. Tube Samurai for passive buffs and Stance changes and Hobo/Masochist depending on what abilities or passives I preferred.

    Tycho was support with DPS on the side. He could heal like a mother but his low speed was problematic in late game. I used him to revive and full heal people. Usually I just used his Scholar spells for damage, on Insane Apocalyptist has its use in some fights but is otherwise way too slow.

    Jim played magic DPS, usually in AOE due to his insane magic stat, for some fights I would switch out Diva (on the insane fights where you get 1 round to kill everyone) for Apoclyptist. Otherwise Diva was in for speed and Elemenstor for the spells he didn't have and the passive.

    Moria was my item hurler and support. I'd use her to buff the party speed, quickly revive people and toss up the nice Garden passives or a bleed on tough enemies with the rake ability. She also did pretty good damage with the shoe speed based attack.

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    Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The sunny beaches of CanadaRegistered User regular
    I had good endgame results with this:

    Gabe - Tube Samurai / Crabomancer
    Tycho - Gardener / Masochist
    Jim - Apocalyptist / Elemenstor
    Moira - Cordwainer / Hobo

    Wrapped up the bonus boss with this build then went back and flattened the final boss. Gonna start a new game and try higher difficulties, see how things go, I might need to be more serious about classes then.

    Honestly, I don't think there's any wrong answer - the classes seem well balanced and versatile enough that you can probably put together a winning team with anything. Obviously Gabe is the go-to guy for something like Tube Samurai just thematically, but it'd be neat to see what unusual combos might yield.

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    CTMCTM Registered User regular
    I had pretty good result on Hard with the following:

    Gabe - Tube Samurai / Hobo: strength bonus from Hobo, strong physical attacks, and versatility with Samurai (when I needed a speed boost, or defense boost, etc; I'll admit I never used the last form).
    Tycho - Gardenar / Crabomancer: Gardenar was useful depending on what I needed (for example, Garden of Tranquility + Trust Fund made for amazing regen towards the end game). Pinch (or whatever the Crabomancer defense-based attack for 1 MP is) made for a solid 3-4k of damage with Hexoskeleton on, which was good for rounds where I wasn't using Tycho to heal (Dispenser was pretty useful due to its low MP cost).
    Jim - Gentleman / Elemenstor: Jim made for an excellent backup healer with his high magic, and generally good at dealing damage. Start off with Trust Fund, then Bottled Rage, then Ichor (for Bosses), then straight up damage. Charming also helped, since Jim had the lowest attack but highest magic.
    Moira - Cordwainer / Diva: Moira was my weakest character; I mostly used her for speed boosts (Elbow Grease), then stuns/slows/interrupts. Diva was mostly for the passive speed bonus, but I'll admit I didn't know quite what to do with her.

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    mushdogmushdog Registered User new member
    For Gabe I went with tube samurai and masochist (mainly for the damage passive). I like the speed stance's 0mp attack, which lets me build mp for his hard hitting brute attacks while still being able to do damage.

    I tend to vary Tycho's classes. For regular battles, gentleman (because he's both a gentleman and a scholar :/, although this has a lot of overlap with scholar's skills) for the light magic and revive, and Apocalyptist. I go apoc the first few rounds, heal the rest of the way. I find that Crabomancer works well for him too. The extra def helps his survivability which lets me focus on healing the rest of the party.

    He'll look like: scholar, gentleman, apocalyptist/crabomancer OR scholar, gardenar, crabomancer

    Jim's usually gardenar and slacker (tool around is really good when I want to conserve mp). For tough bosses (evil king) I give him gentleman to help with the heals.

    I tend to switch Moria up a lot too. I like Dinosorcerer and Apocalyptist on her because her innate skills aren't terribly useful. I also like Cordwainer for speed and Elemenstor for it's versatility for regular encounters. Apoc also has good synergy with dino. Apoc early and then dino up. I think gumshoe, apocalyptist, dinosorcerer is her best boss setup.

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    MuridenMuriden Registered User regular
    Where can I find a list of the level up perks and skills for each class? I didn't see a way to check this in game.

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    nevermore13nevermore13 Registered User regular
    I'm a couple hours in and probably playing different classes then everyone else:

    Gabe: Tube Samurai (fits the comice better), Dinosorcerer (allows him to attack and build MP)
    Tycho: Elementor, Apocalyptist
    Jim: Crabomancer, Gardenar
    Moria: Cordwainer (for speed), Gentleman

    It's worked well so far, but as mentioned by Golden Yak everything does seem balanced pretty well, and with the ability to change on the fly if something does not work you can always change it. Also, it helps that the classes level up even if they are not equipped.

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    CTMCTM Registered User regular
    I was rotating them every once in a while so that I wouldn't have a really lower levelled class (since the unequipped ones gain less exp).
    Muriden wrote: »
    Where can I find a list of the level up perks and skills for each class? I didn't see a way to check this in game.

    If you mean a list of perks and skills gained so far, in the class screen, equip the class you want to check, then go in View (at the top), then select the class you wish to view. It's a bit cumbersome; I would've have preferred a stats screen for classes or some such, but what to do.

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    AskerothAskeroth Registered User regular
    I was playing on easy mode, so I'm not sure how effective my builds actually were. I've just played so many games where difficulty is required for achievements, so whenever I find a game that allows me to play on easy without being punished, I just play on easy. Anyway...

    Gabe: Hobo, Masochist
    Tycho: Apocalypt, Gentleman
    Jim: Crabomancer, Slacker
    Moira: Cordwainer, Diva

    Slacker gives Jim a boost to items. I have him buff Gabe and Moira at the beginning of fights, cast bottled rage to get roundly dark damage, and then either cast necromaster spells or use crabomancer attacks. If I don't have enough MP, I use tool around. That slacker ability has some nifty moves at higher levels and it doesn't miss too often. Since items are his specialty, I also use the upgraded nihilators to help clear out mobs. Gabe uses his buff to do nothing but masochist moves, which do a lot of damage. Moira starts each battle with 2 MP, so she gives the entire team a speed buff and then does the attack that is speed based. She can do about 2000 damage per hit and attacks in quick succession. Tycho is the odd man out, but I have him use his apocalypt stuff and heal when necessary. If I don't deem that to be necessary, I just use his 0 MP non-elemental magic until I get enough to cast master's thesus. I believe I'd have some success with this on higher difficulties, but I'd have to keep more of an eye on Gabe's HP.

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    SteevesSteeves Registered User regular
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    I think at the end I was using

    Gabe - Crabomancer / Gardener - The idea being, with a really high defense, the defense based Crabomancer attacks deal ridiculous damage. He never unequipped the bullseye all game long---I assumed it made him more likely to be targeted than my squishies.
    Tycho - Hobo / Masochist - I had trouble settling on anything for Tycho, but at the end I was using cheap buffs to get him decent strength then just attacking with a Forker and the Hobo interrupt on attack to hit everything on screen and build up points for his high MP Scholar abilities.
    Jim - Elemenstor / Gentleman - Jim ended up being largely a buff/debuff/skele bot who auto attacked with Charming. Would have done well with the forker, but it would have cost him +100 Magic and I'd have needed to figure out what else to do with Tycho. :P
    Moira - Cordwainer / Slacker - Speedy item user and interrupter par excellence. Used Dinosaurceror until I got the item and passive boosts for slacker. Also had the weapon that boosts her items.

    That absolutely rolled Normal difficulty; I might have had a handful of characters going down through the game, but it was always, "Okay, I got this, (spam AAAAAAAAAAAAAA) Aaah, Jim died. Oh well, so did they." I had Moira use Buffz on Gabe and Tycho before they finished self buffing then moved on to feeding them MP unless something needed an interruptin'.

    I really should have bumped it to a higher difficulty once I got the Crabomancer really rolling on Gabe, it seemed pretty ridiculous at times; the toughest character also delt twice the damage as Jim in full Elemenstor / Apocalypt with the most expensive jar I could afford at a 1:2 MP ratio. I did go overboard on Gabe's gloves ASAP though. I should have bumped the difficulty higher, but even with Gabe doing huge damage, the fights were still taking long enough that I didn't want to extend them...

    All in all, I loved the game, and I'm looking forward to another playthrough. I somehow missed the Colosseum completely until I read about it after finishing the game, and I need to see the alternate ending if you don't go back to the periphery.

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    RomanRoman Registered User regular
    I'm not original.

    Started off with Tycho using Gentlemen, but the Gardenar's defense advantage+ Crabamancer was too strong to ignore. Still, only the very last couple of gardens are worth using.

    Gabe uses tube Samurai with Masochist. I like masochist's 0 MP move. Plus the huge passive stat boost. Speed stance all the way.

    Moira was Cordwainer/ Diva: Really uber early to mid game with sole caliber, but by the end simply can't compete Brute or Crabamancer. Elbow Grease, Noir and Slow were good, though.

    Jim was Elementor/ Aplocolypt. Basically for stat boosts. I used gale wind when I needed to save MP to use bottled rage near the end. Kind of wish I had used gentlemen on him, as I think the strength of Holy late game, plus the versatility, plus having a couple more useful 0 and 1 mp attacks would be nice.

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