Paint the line

GooseyGooseGooseyGoose Registered User regular
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Went to buy this today and then stopped after finding out its nearly $10 to ship. Anyone know if other retailers like amazon or physical stores will be selling this? This game looks legit but IMO not $40 legit.

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  • Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, Administrator, ClubPA, Penny Arcade Staff, PAX Staff staff
    Our distributor should be using these stores - feel free to snag it there if you would like. :)

    Where are you shipping it to where it's costing $10? USPS to most places should be about $5-6 based on the weight.

    Some guy.
  • GooseyGooseGooseyGoose Registered User regular
    Thanks for this. Boston. Coast to coast?

  • NytikNytik Registered User
    Are there any plans for a UK release (other than buying it from the US and having it shipped over here) e.g., or one of the UK stores on that gamestorelocator link?

  • MachikunasMachikunas Registered User new member
    Shipping came to $8.79 for Madison, WI. I'll try calling some of the stores from that link.

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