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[PATV] Monday, July 9, 2012 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 10: Assassin’s Editions

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
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image[PATV] Monday, July 9, 2012 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 10: Assassin’s Editions

If you want any variety of bonus features with your copy of Screed 3, there's an edition for that.

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  • RABicleRABicle Registered User regular
    Wait run through that digital edition again? You can order both PC and Vita games with season pass included in one order?

  • LordFizzlebeefLordFizzlebeef Registered User regular
    I have full faith and confidence that Square-Enix will cram enough useless faff and microtransactions into Final Fantasy 7 that I will ragequit less than 2 hours into the game and play the almost certainly superior PS1 version instead, assuming that I'm not driven away before I even buy it.

  • FalxFalx Registered User regular
    Get well soon Kathleen!

  • DedwrekkaDedwrekka Metal Hell adjacentRegistered User regular
    What if I just want all the swag?

  • El SkidEl Skid The frozen white northRegistered User regular
    Dedwrekka wrote: »
    What if I just want all the swag?

    Find someone who just wants the game and doesn't care about the swag, split the price with them, grab the swag and everyone will be happy!

  • jackaljackal Fuck Yes. That is an orderly anal warehouse. Registered User regular
    The PC version of FF7 was such shit. Just total and utter crap. Maybe 15 years of Moore's law will be enough to make it playable.

  • TheRaggedQueenTheRaggedQueen Charleston, S.C.Registered User new member
    I would pay so, so much more for a copy of Assassin's Creed 3 that comes with a kitten that has the logo in its fur. I really would.

  • Kathleen_LRRKathleen_LRR Registered User regular
    @RABicle - yes.

    @Falx - I am better now, thank goodness.

  • PolaritiePolaritie Sleepy Registered User regular
    These separate retailer exclusive things are getting stupid. The best analogy I can think of... is pokemon, except with no trading between versions, so nobody gets everything on one save file.

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  • El SkidEl Skid The frozen white northRegistered User regular
    I would pay so, so much more for a copy of Assassin's Creed 3 that comes with a kitten that has the logo in its fur. I really would.

    It's a game about assassins, so I think it'd be awesome if they did the kitten thing, but one out of every thousand boxes had a live king cobra instead- with the logo on the chest of course. So much more exciting that way!

  • akrahunakrahun Registered User new member
    edited July 2012
    Kotaku got in contact with Square-Enix last night who confirmed that the "Character Booster" for FFVII would be built in, and would NOT require microtransactions or DLC downloads. :D

    akrahun on
  • PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    The console I think could be a decent idea. At the minimum, it gives devs something to target towards, and could do specific builds or games being built around the device.

    Granted, it'd have to push enough units to make the idea lucrative enough for devs to put effort towards, but a console wholly built around digital distribution that isn't put out by the Big Three and not having to deal with their bullshit is kind of enticing.

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  • lordlundarlordlundar Registered User regular
    There's a new version of Final Fantasy 7 coming out. (eeeee!!!)
    Sort of, for the PC. (eee???)

    Love that part.

  • GyralGyral Registered User regular
    Paul should do more commentary from the peanut gallery.

  • WolvenSpectreWolvenSpectre Saskatchewan, CanadaRegistered User regular
    Ooooo,the sarcasm....

  • EddyshoreEddyshore Registered User new member
    Impressive performance, how many takes did you need to do to get the ass creed bundles part right?

  • halkunhalkun Registered User regular
    edited July 2012
    jackal wrote: »
    The PC version of FF7 was such shit. Just total and utter crap. Maybe 15 years of Moore's law will be enough to make it playable.

    Just to to let people know. There is an unofficial patch for FF7 PC that fixed all the PC issues and updates the game to modern systems. I'm part of the team that has done this. You're welcome.

    halkun on
  • japhjaph Registered User regular

  • amybdenumamybdenum Registered User regular
    and two boiled eggs!


  • stratosyrstratosyr Registered User new member
    I lost it at "the weird Washington's notebook thing" during the Assassin's Creed bit. Still want a kitten with it though o.o

  • wraphwraph Registered User new member
    edited July 2012
    Oh, so you are given 10 AC3 editions, and you still whine about it? If it was only 3 editions everybody would be going: "BOO! Why isn't there more to choose from? Those editions are bullshit!". So hard to satisfy some people. Nobody is forcing you to buy that game anyway, and you can still buy it "naked", what might be boring, yes, but might as well just shut you the hell up.

    wraph on
  • AthanasiusAthanasius Registered User regular
    All I'm getting is "Sorry, this episode is temporary unavailable." Same yesterday when I first tried to view it, same today.

  • LibertardianLibertardian Registered User new member
    Athanasius: You on linux? Switch to firefox, blip has problems with chrome on linux's flash player.

  • AthanasiusAthanasius Registered User regular
    Indeed this is Linux using Chrome. I'm sure it used to work.... I'll try to remember to check the video in Windows later.

  • MattAn24MattAn24 Perth, AustraliaRegistered User new member
    @wraph; Well, you completely missed the entirely point, didn't you? It's okay, buddy, I'll educate you. Here's a better idea. Collector's Edition: Combine Join or Die and Freedom Editions. You get the medallion, George Washington's notebook, the lithographs and the Connor statue. Boom. The bonus story DLC, which is less for each version, should be standard in every single copy of the game. It should not be day one DLC, simply for paying extra money. That's ludicrous marketing.

    You DO NOT NEED more than 1-2 editions of a game. Then it's a clusterfuck of dumb. And don't even get me *started* on NFS:MW's sudden appearance of Day One "pay to win" DLC to get the Time Saver Pack (800 Microsoft points, whatever equivalent on PSN real money dollars).. Every single car except for exclusive "Most Wanted" take down cars unlocked immediately. "Oh, I know. Let's sell someone the game, then add day one DLC that.. Removes the point of playing the damn game!" You unlock cars by playing the fucking game and doing the races. It's a blatant cop-out.

    Ah, remember when you walked into a retail store and you purchased a fully complete game, without having to pay extra for content that would pretty much already be on the disc? That was great!

  • enderandrewenderandrew Systems Engineer OmahaRegistered User regular
    I'll withhold creepy and inappropriate comments about Kathleen's hair color or choice of shirt (as others have made in the past) and instead state that I do suddenly find her more awesome since she went to Google I/O and is thusly apparently a developer.

  • johnnywhitebreadjohnnywhitebread Registered User regular
    Of course she is! Professor Pigglesworth, anyone?

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