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Paint the Line Card Question - The Sickle

hikarahikara Registered User new member
edited July 2012 in Penny Arcade Games
Got my Paint the Line cards today and played a game with the girl. The Sickle card came up and its ability confused me... "Return shot must add an extra tap." Since shot cards double tap when used where does the extra tap come from? Is it a stamina card, or single tapping another shot card in addition to the one used on the return. Anyone have any insight on this?

hikara on


  • collinccollinc Registered User regular
    The way my friend and I played, that meant it was triple tapped. So we turned it a further 90 degrees.

    Free cake. Inquire within.
  • mzummzum Registered User regular
    collinc wrote: »
    The way my friend and I played, that meant it was triple tapped. So we turned it a further 90 degrees.


  • hikarahikara Registered User new member
    Sounds good. Really enjoy playing the game, a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what else comes from this line.

  • ARMed_PIrateARMed_PIrate Registered User regular
    I agree that it has to be triple-tapped. the card has the same cost as Meteoric cards that require double Stamina cost on the return shot, so requiring a single extra Stamina makes no sense.

    I was hoping for something more definitive. The rules should have explained triple-tapping if this really is correct, but I don't see any other thing it could be. (Maybe in some version of the game, hitting a shot only required a single tap?)

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