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PATV audio but no video

sevnsevn Game design studentAustraliaRegistered User new member
Recently I'm having issues with watching PATV videos. The advertisements will play with only audio but no video and after the advertisement finishes nothing else comes on. It is happening with all the computers in the house. I'm suspecting an issue with a recent flash update, is anyone else having problems?

Its disappointing that my first post is of this nature :(

sevn on


  • UnduedistressUnduedistress Registered User new member
    Having the same problem over here, tried various browsers but no dice. Managed to watch one earlier, but only when I scored a 'choose your ad' ad. Otherwise, blank screen and ad audio, and nothing after.

  • sevnsevn Game design student AustraliaRegistered User new member
    I have this suss feeling that it might be the advertisements =\

  • KhaineSDKhaineSD Registered User new member
    I can confirm the same problem from a few different websites running Sounded like the same advert as well. Maybe the advert is borked?

  • notaducknotaduck Registered User new member
    I'm getting the same problem too, on OSX using chrome and firefox.

  • sevnsevn Game design student AustraliaRegistered User new member
    Loaded up a couple videos today and all of them came up with the WorkSafe adverts where you can choose an option. I've heard that these adverts let you watch the Extra Credits video, which in my case they do. But im not sure if the other adverts will allow you. I'm happy to be able to finally watch some extra credits. Anyone else having any luck?

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