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Hey there, everyone. I've had the good fortune of having Mike and Jerry do awesome stuff for me over the past three PAX East's. They signed my wheelchair at the first one. Jerry held up my leg like Simba in the Lion King at the second one and most recently, I stood up to give Mike a hug. (which made it on to the PAX East PATV episode...awesome) I had been trying to think of what I wanted to do at the next PAX East Q&A. I've had friends comment that I've been stepping it up each year. It also occurred to me that each year, it's definitely something for me. This year, I'd like to be a part of giving something back to them. So, I came up with an idea...

There are a ton of inspirational stories shared at the Q&A sessions, both at Prime and at East. I would like to get in touch with everyone that has shared an inspirational story at one of these sessions, get their full story and an autographed picture. These stories could be anything from "You inspired me to get out more and meet new friends," all the way up to "You saved my life." I will then compile these stories and pictures into a book, which will be presented to Mike and Jerry at PAX East 2013.

Now, for this to work, it should ideally be a surprise, so if there are any PA employees reading this, I would ask them to keep it hush-hush.

Here's where you come in, forum: If you're one of those people that has shared a story, please contact me! If you know someone who has shared such a story, please contact me! And finally, if you have such an inspirational story, but have just never had the opportunity to share it at a Q&A, please contact me! I'm really hoping to get a nice turnout for this!

EDIT: If you have a story to share, please send it to me (along with a picture, autographed is preferred!) at facelesscog at gmail dot com

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    BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    If you would like to broaden it to Child's Play stories as well, i'd contact Jamie jdillion@childsplaycharity.org. That might be something she can help with.

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    FacelesscogFacelesscog Registered User regular
    Beker wrote: »
    If you would like to broaden it to Child's Play stories as well, i'd contact Jamie jdillion@childsplaycharity.org. That might be something she can help with.

    Absolutelty! Child's Play stories are welcome, too! Maybe I should explain the motivation for this. When I watched the PAX East PATV episode, Jerry, at one point, mentions that he doesn't think that they deserve this. I want to show them just how appreciated they are, what kind of effect they've had on people, either through PAX (Prime or East) or through Child's Play. Any story of that nature is welcome. My only condition is that I would greatly prefer to get first hand accounts. I don't want "friend of a friend" stuff.

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    LewieP's MummyLewieP's Mummy Registered User regular
    Hi there! I could explain what Child's Play means to me, why I paint stuff for the CP auction if you like?

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    JonnyNeroJonnyNero Registered User regular
    I have one as well. Not really as big as some of the ones you'll probably get, and more PAX focused then CP. But I think would be a good addition

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    FacelesscogFacelesscog Registered User regular
    Yes please! All stories are welcome!

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    LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    I've seen a lot of stories over the years on this forum that really underscore how amazing and unique the PAX community is. My favorites are the stories about folks who might be a bit introverted, and/or in isolated communities where they don't know a lot of people with common interests. Then they come to PAX and are blown away by the acceptance, kindness and general inclusiveness of the community. If you spent some time culling through the older threads, you'd hit a goldmine.

    It always touches me when I read those stories because it illustrates both how awesome PAX is, and how much some communities are accustomed to derision and rejection when it comes to anyone's difference. I (like a lot of others, I'm sure) live in a pretty liberal city where it's easy to forget that for many people, PAX is their Safe Place; the one time of the year when they're loved and accepted for who they are. Mike and Jerry didn't set out to create that, but that's what got created.

    That's pretty fucking inspirational in my book.

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    PayneTraynePayneTrayne Canuck Registered User regular
    I've got a story and a few pictures for the book as well. Shall I contact you through PM or just post the stuff here?

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    FacelesscogFacelesscog Registered User regular
    Lexi: If you, Alex and whoever else wants to help want to, I'd love to include a chapter about the Cookie Brigade!

    Payne: I'm editing the original post to include my email so that people can attach pictures. Also, it minimizes the chance of PA employees stumbling on to us!

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    FrugusFrugus Photographer MontrealRegistered User regular
    PM sent. Note that I married the girl that I mentioned in the story I sent you about two weeks ago, and when I proposed it was at our second PAX :)

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    Sin_D_LiteSin_D_Lite Registered User new member
    This is great! Can't wait to hear the stories!!! :)

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    emimonsteremimonster Silicon ValleyRegistered User regular
    I hope it's not too late but I emailed you mine, with a signed photo, as requested. <3

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    zeromystzeromyst wat Registered User regular
    and most recently, I stood up to give Mike a hug. (which made it on to the PAX East PATV episode...awesome)
    Hey I remember that! I was enforcing main theater @ East '12. Very heartwarming moment. *man tears*

    I personally don't have a story to share but I am thankful and proud to be an enforcer and happy to do whatever it take to make the show run smooth. I've even made new friends which is always good too!

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    KiashienKiashien Medford, MARegistered User regular
    While I don't have the details at this particular moment (Work in the morn, and the holiday madness) the coin fiasco last year was a prime example of the community coming together- the super short version is that hie coin provider dissapeared, we had to find a new provider, and rather than making people pay outrageous shipping, a bunch of us had them delivered to us in MA and we delivered them by hand. It was pretty hard for the volunteers, but I think 99% of people got sorted out and got their coins- I'm certain the rest got refunded (Or chose to write it off as a loss to help the person who fronted the money cover the cost).

    FYI... if anyone ate their coin cost by choice, please PM me, and I'll see if I can get you one of last year's coins at East this year :P. Some ended up in my possession. through donation. I'll ask Karma if there's a record of you getting one, otherwise it'll be donations to child's play :P

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    animeanaanimeana Registered User new member
    I'm glad to know the stories that I read from other members. I'm new in this site and looking forward for nice conversation and learn a lot of things from other members.

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    Commander CainCommander Cain Registered User regular
    Sorry for being so late to this but I remember you doing that! I actually have a few pics of it too :P

    I gave a "thank you speech" to Mike and Jerry at the last PAX East and was compleltly blown away when they used part of it during an episode of PATV. Honestly, like you said I really wanted to get them away from Jerry's "we don't deserve it" comment cuz they really do.

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    Bizzaro StormyBizzaro Stormy I am Bizzaro Stormy. I am Bizzaro Stormy.Registered User regular
    I am Bizzaro Stormy.

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