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Orange Sky (Webcomic)

Evergreen215Evergreen215 Registered User regular
edited July 2012 in Artist's Corner
I'm working on the new webcomic Orange Sky. I don't have much experience with art, although I was tutored for a summer by an internationally recognized artist. This is my first time trying anything on the scale of a webcomic. I have not been to art school, or even graduated high school yet. As for tools, I am drawing each panel out with pen and pencil, 8 inches by 8 inches, and scanning them into my computer. I edit them with Adobe Photoshop Elements. I do not own a tablet, although I am saving up money to purchase the Intuos. I'm looking for constructive criticism on my art, not to be coddled. You can look at my webcomic at , and if someone tells me how to put images in my posts I'll put up a line drawing I'm particularly proud of from a page that isn't up on the website yet.

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  • GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
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    Hi Evergreen. You need to use bbcode image tags in order to put images in your posts. You can also use the image button while writing a post. It's in the action bar just above where you write your text.

    Also, please look through our rules thread. It will provide useful information that will help you to interact with our community a little better.

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  • Evergreen215Evergreen215 Registered User regular
    Thanks. Have I broken any of those rules?

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    You didn't put a picture in your thread. All threads are meant for posting artwork. You also advised people to go to your website in your post. That's considered site whoring. Please, post a picture that you'd like us to look at in this forum if you want us to provide constructive feedback. We're not likely to go to your website.

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    Alright, you've had several hours to post your picture in this thread. You haven't. I'm removing your reference to your website and locking this thread.

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