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Witchblade costume in progress

Error404Error404 Registered User
edited July 2012 in Artist's Corner
Hey guys ... I just figured I would share a costume I have been working on!

geLPkh.jpg<---one of my imgur photos

here is my youtube page with tons of tutorials and progress work

and here is my facebook fan page with constant project updates including makeup fx, sculpts, and paint ups

if anyone has questions or comments pertaining to costume building or makeup feel free to ask me and i will do my best to guide you along, thank you for checkin out my work in advance :>

Error404 on


  • MaydayMayday generation three hybrid Registered User regular
    Please post the photos directly in the thread (they're great).

  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    what Mayday said is in the basic rules thread, that is what separates us from wild animals. Other than that, yes, great costume, and great model too.

  • Error404Error404 Registered User
    aww sorry guys :< i could not figure out how to post a photo directly because i am a newb .... so i figured links would be easier lol

  • MaydayMayday generation three hybrid Registered User regular
    edited July 2012
    is an example. Right click on the image to learn its URL (Firefox for example has a "copy image url" option).
    FANTOMAS wrote: »
    what Mayday said is in the basic rules thread

    is it though?

    Mayday on
  • Error404Error404 Registered User
    haha thanks :>

  • MaydayMayday generation three hybrid Registered User regular
    Please edit the original post in the way I've described. Otherwise the thread will likely get locked by our frigid mods and that would be a bit of a shame. meh.gif

  • GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
    We're not frigid. We just expect people to read the rules.

  • Error404Error404 Registered User
    sorry again guys i finally figured it out ... i guess i am a wild animal after all !

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