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Help me move!

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I am currently being considered for a job and just got a call to meet with the VP next Friday. In my field, that generally means I have the job.

However, the job would entail a move, about 2 hours from my current location, and work would start roughly 2 weeks after my meeting with the VP (August 3rd). This all sort of came about quickly, so I believe it is practical to go ahead and start setting up some plans and looking at places, as the last thing I want is to end up back on here with a horror story about my last minute rental blowing up in my face. I know not to count on the job until its in writing, so I won't be signing anything or even talking about it at my current work until it's a sealed deal, but from that point I am going to have a lot to do and the more I prep, the better.

My problem is that I am moving to a place with a fairly small online footprint (at least as far as I can tell). It is in the area of Rockingham, North Carolina, if anyone wants to prove my google-fu is weak and point me to a resource that I am overlooking, and I am trying to figure out how best to gather information about my rental options on short notice. I found a few places online, but for the most part they do not have websites or they end up being section 8 housing or they are actually really far away and the search engine thinks "20 mile radius" should include places an hour away, and so on. It needs to be pet friendly (my cat is definitely coming with me, maybe my parent's dog if I rent a house with a yard) and I am fairly flexible on price ranges, but willing to pay for a quality location.

So, how should I go about finding information on rental apartments/homes/condos in a smaller population area that isn't as connected to the web as a larger city? Will a Realtor help me out here? Any good sites/advice for picking a good Realtor to show me around?

For now, my plan is to drive out there this weekend and see what I can come across on my own, but any advice, things to consider for a quick move, references for a solid moving company, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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