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Name My Character (Biblicial Names)

Actinguy1Actinguy1 Registered User regular
edited July 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
Good morning everyone! I now have two friends who wrote their own screenplay, filmed their own movie, and have won a crap-ton of awards for it, so I've decided to finally get around to writing the screenplay I've had in my head for six years or so.

The easiest way to describe is as a sci-fi thriller modern retelling of "The Prodigal Son". All of the main characters have significant biblical names that provide some clues if you are well-versed in bible studies, such as Dr. Logos and Sam Yazza.

Ironically, I'm NOT well-versed in bible studies. All of the significant names have come from googling alternate names for key biblical figures. But now I'm stuck with the naming of one character: He's a priest in his sixties, in modern-day America. He takes in the wounded main character, who is suffering from amnesia after a brain injury, and gets him back on his feet, giving him a place to stay and a job. The priest becomes his number one ally in the main character's efforts to figure out who he used to be. When the main character begins to realize he has certain super powers (such as walking on water and healing the dying), the priest begins to believe the man could be God (he's wrong). The Priest ultimately dies of a heart attack.

Is there any biblical character that this sounds anything like? Maybe an ally of Jesus or healer of the sick or anything like that?


Actinguy1 on


  • PlatyPlaty Registered User regular
    John Baptiste.

  • Actinguy1Actinguy1 Registered User regular
    Hmm...probably a little too literal/obvious, but I like the idea. It made me google other words for baptism, and while I was looking, I discovered John the Baptist is also called John the Forerunner. Father John Forerunner? Foreigner? Eh...maybe not, but it's a path to consider. John's father, a priest, was Zacharias...but I don't think many 60 year old's are named Zack.

  • Actinguy1Actinguy1 Registered User regular
    So I googled "Baptism in other languages" and came up with a couple that could be last names without being obvious baptism references. Taufe, Bautizo, Krest, and Janos. So I might go with one of those, unless someone else has another suggestion. Thanks!

  • sportzboytjwsportzboytjw squeeeeeezzeeee some more tax breaks outRegistered User regular
    edited July 2012
    Enoch, Elias, and Ananias are some random favorites of mine.

    WHoops, for that specific story, I'd consider Elias (Elijah), who was a prophet in the Old Testament. Sam (Samuel) might be another option; he mentored Saul and David.

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  • PlatyPlaty Registered User regular
    edited July 2012
    John Taufer

    "Täufer" ist the German word for "baptist" as in "St. John the Baptist". And Wikipedia knows a poet named "Taufer".

    Platy on
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