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[EQmac] EverQuest Mac - Free to Play, No Restrictions [PC Players can join too]

WezoinWezoin Registered User regular
edited July 2012 in MMO Extravaganza
Remember the early days of EverQuest? Before it was ruined by 17million expansion packs?
Are you longing for a return to those glorious days of old?

There is a way!


Everquest Macintosh Edition was only brought up to the Planes of Power days, so it lacks many of the updates that ruined the feel of the game.
Long story short, it used to be subscription based, population was dying off, SOE planned to close the server. Players protested, they agreed to keep it open as a favour to the community but basically wrote off any possibility of making a profit off of it. As a result, unlike the PC free to play version, there are no restrictions on level or money. Since then the server population has grown, and SOE still even offers support and has an admin updating it to correct any new bugs.
Mac users: click here
Windows users: a bit more involved, do some googling. I've asked for mod permission to explain this here.
Classes wrote:
Races wrote:
Barbarian - Slam
Dark Elf (Teir'Dal) - Ultravision, Hide (max 50)
Dwarf - Infravision
Gnome - Tinkering tradeskill
Half Elf (Ayr'Dal) - Infravision
Halfling - Infravision, Sneak / Hide (both max 50 and can't sneak and hide at the same time unless a rogue), 5% Exp bonus (regular xp only)
High Elf (Koada'Dal) - Infravision
Iksar - Infravision, Regeneration, AC bonus, Forage (max 50)
Ogre - Immune to frontal melee stun, Slam, Faster Food/Drink Consumption
Troll - Infravision, Regeneration, Slam
Vah Shir - Infravision, Double food consumption, Safe Fall, Sneak (max 50)
Wood Elf (Feir'Dal) - Infravision, Hide (max 50), Forage (max 50)
Utinlaar - Barbarian Warrior [Wezoin]
Kendaorf - Barbarian Shaman [Wezoin]

Wezoin on


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