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    EliminationElimination Registered User regular
    Retaba wrote: »
    So has anyone played it recently? Any updates on how far along it has come?

    I kinda lost interest, it doesn't seem to be developing into what I want SR to be in a multiplayer setting. It's also been slammed in stream reviews.

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    SutibunRiSutibunRi Montreal, Quebec, CanadaRegistered User regular
    It.. feels like Shadowrun Returns with smaller teams and missions, but with the addition of vast quantities of lag..
    Maybe it opens up a few more missions in.
    I have yet to see any multiplayer aside from other people running around in the hub area.

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    Albino BunnyAlbino Bunny Jackie Registered User regular
    I played through most of the campaign with friends.

    It's average in the most pleasing kind of way. Not obtrusive to you and your buddies joking about the plot, chatting to eachother and a whole bunch of co-op stuff.

    Fantastic sale fodder I reckon if you can get some friends together to play it.

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