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Original 360 audio question

Zombies Tossed My Salad!Zombies Tossed My Salad! Registered User regular
edited August 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
So I have the original 360 that came with the RGB HD plugs. I just got a new TV for my room and it has the correct RGB hook ups in the back but I can't figure out how to get audio out.

Anyone have any ideas?

This is the back of my TV

Zombies Tossed My Salad! on


  • wonderpugwonderpug Registered User regular
    It's hard to tell with the blurry text, but you probably use the white & red audio inputs right next to the r/g/b video inputs.

    Can you try to get the text around the inputs in focus, or maybe just list your TV make & model?

  • The Crowing OneThe Crowing One Registered User regular
    If you're using the 6 piece composite hookups, it generally goes that you'd use the last two "columns" on the right in the pic: the standard RWY followed by the additional plus. I dunno, though, as it's been years since I ever thought of composite cables. That model lacks the HDMI output, right?

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