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Dr. Wolfington mesmerism attack...blockable or unblockable?

bliznikbliznik Registered User
edited August 2012 in Penny Arcade Games
Hey all,
So until the next DLC comes, I'm playing through all three penny arcade games on Insane mode, and I decided to try to play "perfect" games in episodes 1 and 2, essentially blocking EVERY single attack to ensure that my characters always have the maximum hit bonus. It was a truly awesome moment when I imported my character from Episode 1 to find that all of my characters had "Hits Maxed" from the get-go.

Everything was going well until the boss fight with Dr. Wolfington. I'm able to block his shotgun attack and his bear trap attack no problem, but Mesmerism seems IMPOSSIBLE to block! I was just wondering, has ANYONE figured out a way to block Dr. Wolfington's Mesmerism attack...ever? If so, what's your secret?

bliznik on


  • bliznikbliznik Registered User
    Restarted my game on normal mode, and found out that, yes, Dr. Wolfington's Mesmerism attack is the ONLY unblockable attack in the entire game. But I DID find out that I could prevent him from attacking at all by starting off with an ACF attack followed by a series of exploding items.

    Fun fun fun...can't wait for a run through Precipice III on Insane mode!

  • DCastDCast Registered User
    Doctor Wolfington's mesmerism attack unblockable. However, once you defeat Wolfington, you can go and search his office. Don't forget to look for his diary, the golden key and the release papers of Dr. Crazoir. You can also find on the wall a pair of binocerous testicles which you can repeatedly inspect to unlock the Pervert achievement.

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