Art Show: Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode - Featuring Danimal Cannon! [Prime]

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Fangamer and Attract Mode are hosting an art show from 8PM to midnight on Saturday, September 1 at 1927 Events in Seattle. (1927 3rd Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98101). Here's the information from the event's Facebook page:


PAX Prime 2011 was where the seeds for the Fangamer X Attract Mode relationship was first planted. Almost one year later, Attract Mode 2.0 has finally become a reality.

So our next live event will be a celebration, thrown alongside our new (business) partners in crime, and everyone heading to PAX Prime 2012 is invited!

Our Saturday night shindig will basically have it all:


Super Time Force, by Capy Games, aka the next big thing in indie gaming, all night long, and projected on a wall, super huge like

Cumulo Nimblers, by John Martz & Farbs, the breakout hit from Attract Mode's last Toronto show, Comics Vs. Games, on US soil for the very first time

The Metagame, by Local No. 12, the Game Developers Conference sensation for the past two years, finally ready to make a name for itself at Penny Arcade Expo


Danimal Cannon, the 8bit rockstar that has become a staple at both PAX Prime and PAX East, will perform a special set just for us


Fangamer & Attract Mode are both known for celebrating the world of games via artwork like no other. And our all-star line-up includes...

Jude Buffum, Daniel Bressette, Gina Chacon, Lindsay Collins, Steve Courtney, Matt Cummings, Farel Dalrymple, Ashley Davis, Marty Elmer, Kyle Fewell, Hilary Florido, Kari Fry, Chris Furniss, Zac Gorman, Alex Griendling, Stephanie Hans, Sean Husbands, Olly Jones, Toby Jones, Kaigetsudo Kamishimo, Jon Kay, Ann Kornuta, Corey Lewis, Mitch Loidolt, Mikey Mann, Michael McWhertor, Kris Mukai, OMOCAT, Maré Odomo, Asif Siddiky, Audrey C.T, Junichi Tsuneoka, Jovan Velkoski, Mikko Walamies, Andy Webb, Campbell Whyte, Laura Wilson, Drew Wise, and Camille Young.

... Every piece from every artist, be it original or limited edition reproduction, will be available for purchase. You’ll fall in love with something you see, guaranteed.


Complimentary appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages! For those interested in something stiffer, there will also a bar handy.


Indie games! Chiptunes! Beautiful artwork! Plus snacks and drinks! All for just FIVE DOLLARS.


Hope to see you there! 1927 Events is a bit of a walk from the convention center, but it's pretty close to some of the hotels, and well worth the walk in any case~

If you have any questions about the show, let me know!

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