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[Everquest] Project 1999 Red - Kunark Aug 17th

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The EQ EMU Project 1999 Red PvP server will be launching Kunark on Aug 17th. With that in mind, they will be adding bonus xp time period from Aug 10th through Aug 24.
Greetings, Citizens!

The time for Kunark PvP has arrived. The release date is slated for August 17th, 2012.

There will be an active event running which will unlock Kunark zones; a dynamic scavenger hunt. This event will begin some time on August 17th.

Depending on how quickly the necessary steps of this quest are completed will determine exactly when Kunark will become available. It is possible the event may be completed within the first night, but will likely persist until the following day. The quest npcs involved in this event will reward era-appropriate items. Regardless of your level, useful rewards are possible on turn-ins. Everyone is encouraged to participate!

There will be serverwide messages throughout the evening keeping everyone up to date on the progression of the live quest, as well as when Kunark opens. The opening of the zones will coincide with the level cap being raised to 60 as well as the ability to create Iksars. This will all happen without a server patch.

In preparation and celebration of Kunark, a 50% experience bonus will be applied a week before release and last until a week after (August 10th-24th). If you have shelved a character prior to obtaining 50, the next few weeks will be a good time to level up. If you have considered joining the PvP server, but feel late to the party, Kunark is a great chance to start a new life as an Iksar.

I hope to see the Field of Bone full of Iksars. Good luck!

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