InsertIPAddress is 6 characters too long.

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Since the recent forum upgrade I've found myself unable to post when going through certain proxies. Using Firefox, those proxies have caused problems since the Vanilla upgrade, so I switched to Chromium.

Now, with all the new features, I find that Chromium now has issues, specifically the titular "InsertIPAddress is 6 characters too long." when trying to post. Saving drafts, bookmarks, etc, all work without issue. Only actually posting causes the problem. And I'm confused as to how exactly an IP Address can be too long given the rather strict formatting.

Any ideas? I'm not in charge of the proxy in question, so can't change any settings on its end.

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    We don't offer any support for proxy issues at all, sorry. Even if we did, I am pretty certain this isn't anything we can change on our end.

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