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Pc suddenly won't boot

VarinnVarinn Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular
A few weeks ago my pc stopped working suddenly, I always shut it off every night and one day it just stopped turning on. I get power to the main board (standby led lit), all case and hardware fans, and all hard drives but get no display on screen or power to USB accessories (mouse/keyboard). I do not have a case buzzer or a mobo buzzer so no beep codes. System was overclocked before this issue but I've reset the CMOS with no luck.

I don't 100% remember the specs of my system, but from my memory I have these bits
- ASUS P5Q Pro
- e8400 @ 3.6ghz (I think)
- GSkill ram (don't remember specs, something very overclock-able)
- Corsair 650w psu
- Sapphire 4850
- 3 harddrives
- antec 1200 case, all fans working and system temps were always low

Does anyone have any pointers on how to solve this? I have no spare computers or parts to swap around anymore as all my spares are from builds much older than my current one. I'm hoping to avoid giving myself an excuse to upgrade!

Varinn on


  • SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
    It sounds a little like a bad PSU. In other words, something you'd have to replace. Especially given that you checked the board for a clock issue.

    Maybe you're lucky, and a power line popped out of something like the GPU or the like because it was at a weird angle. That would power up the board, but nothing else. Have you checked that?

  • VarinnVarinn Vancouver, BCRegistered User regular
    Well I managed to get the system into windows. I unplugged all of the hard drives and case fans, as well as one of the two sticks of RAM and the system booted up right away each start attempt. Plugged it all back in one at a time and was able to get into windows after reconfiguring my BIOS and setting up my boot order. My problem now is that windows is listing one of my two RAID drives as being failed or "missing" in the disk management tool. This really sucks as I was lazy and have never gotten around to backing up all of my important files after my last reformat of the windows drive. I'm trying to figure out how to re-activate the drive if possible because it is still detected properly in the BIOS, just not through windows.

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