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[PRIME] Step Counter 3DS Activity Log

BIGmogBIGmog DenverRegistered User regular
edited September 2012 in PAX West
A con this size involves a lot of walking. Just how much walking? Nintendo 3DS owners know exactly. Post the daily step count from your 3DS Activity log. I'll ask again for PAX East and we can see which con walks more.


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  • akjakakjak Thera Spooky GymRegistered User regular
    Fri: ~6k steps
    Sat: ~12k steps
    Sun: ~6k steps

    Ow. My feet. Ow.

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  • TraitoriousTraitorious Registered User regular
    Thursday: 10k steps
    Friday: 9.1k steps
    Saturday: 8.4k steps
    Sunday: 6.9k steps

  • JindraxJindrax Registered User regular
    Thursday: ~16.1k steps
    Friday: ~9k
    Saturday: ~10k
    Sunday: ~8k

    My feet are just a bit sore.

  • EnigmasEnigmas Registered User regular
    Thur: 5,005
    Fri: 15,867
    Sat: 13,819
    Sun: 7,169

    Total: 41,860

    I went on a bit of a stretching walk on Monday so my muscles didn't freeze up.

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  • RichSoCashRichSoCash Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    Fri: 10.4k steps
    Sat: 8.5k steps
    Sun: 12k steps

  • hyrulehero96hyrulehero96 The Hero of Rhyme Registered User regular
    edited September 2012
    thur: 5,847
    fri: 16,526
    sat: 6,862
    sun: 8,546

    friday was so high cause i walked up to the riot games party and saturday my battery died. All of this in slipper boots for my costume....ugh

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  • jukkakhanjukkakhan Registered User regular
    Thursday: 12664 (Went to Pike Place Market, the Space Needle area, then to the Sheraton for board game night)
    Friday: 9916
    Saturday: 13717
    Sunday: 7249 (Only was there part of the day)

    Total: 43546 steps!

  • KomiKomi Registered User regular
    Friday: 10,758
    Saturday: 11,120. (3DS also died around late afternoon, I'd estimate it's more around 15k)
    Sunday: 4,429. (Forgot to charge my 3DS for more than a half hour... died again. >_>)

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  • Sharkey1337Sharkey1337 Registered User regular
    NUTS, totally forgot to turn on my 3DS for this. I had to walk 2 miles each day just to get to the convention center, then 2 miles back to my friend's house at night. XP

  • CaldvanCaldvan Registered User regular
    Not from a pokewalker, but:

    Thurs: 13488
    Fri: 15408
    Sat: 20821
    Sun: 16523
    Mon: 19437

    My pedometer was on east-coast time, so every night (9pm on) counted for the next day. All in all, much less walking this year.

  • RawrrrAydaRawrrrAyda Registered User regular

    HUFFLEPUFF!! '12-'13
  • adias.angeladias.angel Tech-Savvy Wife Kalamazoo, MIRegistered User regular
    Love this!

    Friday: 21,391
    Saturday: 21,983
    Sunday: 18,415

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  • riryriry Registered User regular
    Wednesday: 8,068 steps (MMT: Day 1)
    Thursday: 18,073 (Walking tour of Safeco Field/TWDT)
    Friday: 7,727 (Batteries died during concert)
    Saturday: 9,515 (Same problem.)
    Sunday: 11,737 (I'm not sure when it gave out on me)

    Confound those batteries- I know I could have done better than that. :[

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  • TraitoriousTraitorious Registered User regular
    Love this!

    Friday: 21,391
    Saturday: 21,983
    Sunday: 18,415
    21k wut? Were you running laps around the convention center or something? Crazeh!

  • adias.angeladias.angel Tech-Savvy Wife Kalamazoo, MIRegistered User regular
    edited September 2012
    Love this!

    Friday: 21,391
    Saturday: 21,983
    Sunday: 18,415
    21k wut? Were you running laps around the convention center or something? Crazeh!

    Hehe We didn't stand in line for any demos so most of the day we were walking. Also a trip down to pikes market place in the morning and capitol hill for dinner added a couple miles on there. On Monday we went up to Queen Ann's Hill and got 23,730 steps. :)

    adias.angel on
    Prime '12, '13, '14, '15, '19 .. East '12
  • ArikadoArikado Southern CaliforniaRegistered User regular
    edited September 2012
    Thursday: 5350 (walking from King Station to the Paramount, NP!)
    Friday: 6666 (3DS died in the afternoon)
    Saturday: 8005 (3DS was charging until noon)
    Sunday: 10867 (I didn't turn it on until we had lunch D: )

    Arikado on
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