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[PRIME] Thanks, Awesome

FenrisknightFenrisknight Token CanadianCanadianRegistered User regular
edited September 2012 in PAX West
Hey everyone, I know we do this every year, but as another Pax winds down, friends are parting and hands are being shook. I just thought I'd post just a touch of sentimentality here.
Hey...all of us. All of us nerds, geeks, freaks, oddballs, smartypants, weirdos, all those other names that people label us. Gamers. We rule. Let's always remember that. We rule. I'm so proud to call us family, from so many wide and varied fields, cultures, aspects of gaming. I love that we come together every year and are a family for a weekend. We're home. Really home. I can't wait to see you all again next year, meet more of you, share in so many moments, laughs, jokes, knowing smiles, fist bumps and the sounds of uproarious applause.

Goodnight Paxers. Safe travels wherever the night and morning take you.

Moe Fwacky on


  • Rhea_starstormRhea_starstorm Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    Thanks you everyone for a fantastic weekend :D I met a lot of awesome people and cannot wait to see you all again next year :D

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