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Playing musical phones with a line I don't use

GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
So here's the story. On Sunday afternoon my Motorola Droid X2 shit the bed like nothing I've ever seen before. Took it in to Verizon, of course it's two weeks out of warranty, nothing they've ever seen before either.

Rather than getting a refurbished replacement or trying to hold out a few months to my scheduled upgrade on some old POS flip phone I have laying around, I decide my best option is to add a new line to our family plan for $10 a month, as this will allow me to get the Galaxy S3 I've been lusting after anyway at the new-contract price. Even factoring in the ten bucks a month for two years, it's $440 as opposed $650 right now.

All well and good. I get my shiny new S3 (and I love it), I keep my original number, great rejoicing.

Here's where it gets a little confusing. Let me emphasize we don't actually want or need that new number - we only added it to the plan as a workaround so I could get the GS3 at the cheaper price. There is no reason that line should ever be used. The lady at Verizon assigned the new number to my malfunctioning Droid X2. However, she told me within a couple of days I should call customer service and have them do an ESN switch from the Droid X2 to some other phone, like one of the aforementioned old flip-phones stuffed in drawers around the house if I can get one of them to hold a charge and turn on.

Now I should have clarified this at the time, but at the time my brain was fixated on NEW PHONE GIMME GIMME GIMME and also as it so happens I was feeling rather ill that afternoon so I neglected to do so, but:

If it's a line that's never going to be used, why does it matter what phone it's assigned to? Why do I need to do an ESN switch for it from my busted Droid X2 that sits in a drawer to some other old POS phone that sits in a drawer? I feel like she told me to do this under the mistaken impression we might actually want to use the new line for something. Is there any problem that could be caused by having the disused extra number still associated with the X2?

I ask this because after going through the graveyard I am not sure any of my old dumbphones will even power up long enough to reprogram, and my experiences with calling Verizon customer service in the past cause me to have some doubt whether they would ever understand the situation of why I am trying to do the switch.

Advice? Should I still try doing the switch, or just forget about it? Anything that could go wrong if I do?

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  • GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    Damn. Reading it again, this is in that limbo area where I can never decide whether I should post things here or in Help & Advice.

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