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The bookmarks page changed

PeewiPeewi Registered User regular
The bookmarks page looks different from how it did before the maintenance. Before it was similar to the forum indexes, but now it only has the first column.

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  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    Ahh, I didn't even notice. I wonder if that is intentional...

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  • Banzai5150Banzai5150 Registered User regular
    Noticed this as well, and the behavior has changed for unread posts which is disconcerting. I have 83 unread posts, I read 10 of them and need to leave, I Used to hit the back button and it would still know I had 83 unread and I could start over, now however, once I click the thread it marks them all as read.

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  • EndEnd Registered User regular
    It actually looked that way for a few weeks after the big upgrade a few months back.

    Eventually they fixed it to look more consistent, and I guess the maintenance undid those changes so it's back to looking like that again.

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  • captainkcaptaink TexasRegistered User regular
    I liked the way it looked before maintenance.

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