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[Portable Gaming] Best value for money

Comedy RefluxComedy Reflux Web creatorFlandersRegistered User regular
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Since I got a job last December, I hardly have any time left to play some games. Since it's one of my favorite things to do, I've been thinking of ways to get more time to do so recently. I work full time, and while at home I work on a webcomic of mine, and a starting project of my girlfriend. They both need a lot of time since their just in the start up phase. It seems the only time slot where I have some options left is when I commune to and from work. I take the train, and have about 45 mins each morning and evening.

So that brings me to portable gaming. The question is, do I go for a 3DS, a PS Vita, or would a tablet better suit my needs.

Most tablet games I've played are either angry birds or aren't alot of fun. But that might be because I haven't ever bought any, I just played the ones that were free. Seeing that a few bucks/euros can get you something fun on steam, the same should be true for the android store, I guess. Then again, perhaps you need to invest alot of money in a tablet to get the same out of it as a dedicated gaming device, two to three times as much. The advantages I see is that I could also use the tablet for surfing and drawing, and games are alot cheaper (but are they any good?). Then again, it seems only the galaxy note tablet seems somewhat adequate to draw on for 'serious' purposes, which is a bummer because I can't seem to get it here yet.

So I would think that a 3DS or Vita probably best fits my needs. I would like it to give me the same kind of games I like to play at home. I like role playing games (fallout/skyrim/baldur's gate style, not Japanese style), driving games, platformers and especially fun or original games (to be fastidiously exact). At first this would make me think the Vita is perhaps the better choice. Then I notice that currently there don't seem to be too many games out yet. I also think of it predecessor with it's sometimes awful long loading times. When I only have 45 minutes, I don't need one and a half minute loading times. But perhaps that was all to blame on those UMD discs. The 3DS (XL even) is way cheaper, I can get a few games with it for the same money as a Vita. I can also play some games I've been meaning to replay, like Ocarina of time. Then I wonder if there's anything nice on offer besides remakes, something new? I dislike 3D in movies, so it's probably not a bonus to have it for my games.

Do I wait for a Galaxy Note so I can draw on the train too, or do I just go for a 3DS or a Vita now?

TL;DR: What portable gaming device to buy?

Post scriptum: I tried to specify my particulars in the hopes of not starting a 'best device in general' flame war.

Back after a three year hiatus!
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  • ultimakayultimakay Registered User regular
    3DS would be the way to go. Even as someone who loves the vita it just doesnt have enough software and it also doesn't really fit what you want. I used to own a 3DS and the 3D stuff always seemed optional and there is a slider to turn it off so that's not much of an issue. Also if you haven't owned a DS then the 3DS allows you access to that entire catalog of games which makes the 3DS an even better idea.

  • Comedy RefluxComedy Reflux Web creator FlandersRegistered User regular
    I have an original DS, the first version. Shipped it from Canada, since it wasn't region locked, and had it before it released here while it cost me less.

    Back after a three year hiatus!
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    The Vita has access to much of the PSN library, which has some amazing RPGs and platformers, but they're mostly Japanese ones. It really depends on your software preferences, but I think the PSP library decimates the mediocre 3DS lineup.

    The PSP had some great racers too, like Initial D and Wipeout.

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    Long run, 3DS is probably the better bet. The DS library is awesome with only a few genres lacking (racing and sports come to mind) and the 3DS library will just keep growing. With that said, my son has possession of my 3DS because I'm more content with a PSP Go right now and my DS Lite will come out of hibernation for Pokemon B&W2. For the games I've been playing (retro compilations, Hot Shots Golf, fighting games) I've been happier with the Go, plus I use it as my primary MP3 player now.

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