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Brightening the Porcelain Throne / Bathroom Lights without wiring

MetroidZoidMetroidZoid Registered User regular
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So the house I'm sharing has a fantastically large bathroom, but it's lit kind of funny.


The toilet is in the alcove immediately to the left, the shower just after it. Counter on the right. There's a recessed lighting fixture above the toilet, and three above the counter, but due to the 'beam' in the ceiling, it blocks most of the light. It's a very dark shower over all, especially taking a shower pre-dawn or late at night. So now I have to consider options, and turn to you guys for help.

Two things I have contemplated: 1, is there such a thing as a low / dangling light that one end plugs into an existing light fixture? I figure having a light under the level of the beam would improve things greatly.
2, I guess I could just get a plug in light, but I don't want a normal living room light in there, that sounds like it would look ... off. Are there normal bathroom light plug-in fixtures?
3 ... perhaps the stupidest idea ... how bad an idea would it be to plug in rope light? My thought is: rope light is weather proof, and as long as it wasn't sitting in water, would be fine. I could run a cord near the wall under the window, then two strands of white rope light (that I already have) could, I don't know, be sillicone'd onto the shower wall. The shower wall is that paneling with caulking between the large pieces, btw.

Or if you have any brighter / saner ideas, please let me know

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    iRevertiRevert Tactical Martha Stewart Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    You could try igniting your flatulence, or a candle.

    However if it were me I'd go with a adapter that you can get from any hardware store. Walk in and tell them you want a two prong power adapter for a light socket. It screws in like a light bulb and just has a two prong standard plug in as the output.

    Obviously read up on them and how to safely use them blah blah blah. I believe most of them are rated at 660w but a standard lamp/light shouldn't be an issue with its pull off of it.


    I always keep a pair of these [disclaimer not same brand] in my work bag as they are quite handy. If you go that route get them new from a hardware store (or walmart if you have no other option) and it will run you about three bucks.

    That or you could get a battery operated tap light and a set of rechargeable batteries, a bit safer and easier to install with a clean look. light&page=1&rh=n:228013,k:tap light

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    BagginsesBagginses __BANNED USERS regular
    If everything else fails, more efficient bulbs shine brighter on a fixed voltage, more reflective/glossy surfaces preserve the light better (you'll notice that a lot of really old houses that have retained their interior decoration look like they were occupied by a squirrel), or you could get a saw and put in something like this:

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    E.CoyoteE.Coyote Registered User regular
    They make water proof tap lights for hot tubs and such as well.

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    HewnHewn Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    I had a low light rental property bathroom once and the easiest solution was running an extension cord to a light source. You can mount a bulb, like iRevert suggested, or you can use any number of lamps. It was pretty unappealing and makeshift, but we used a shop light with a clamp that provided massive amounts of light and hey, had a clamp so it was easy to mount anywhere you wanted it (not in the tub, but ya know).

    From your picture, it looks like you could just put a lamp in the corner. Probably the best bang for buck solution you'll find, lest you take on a home improvement project. Find a shelf/lamp combo that will stay on the wall. The tap lights are also a nice, easy fix for this.

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