Start replacing parts, or set my PC on fire?

BubsBubs Not BurbsChicagoRegistered User regular
On Saturday, my video drivers started crashing while I was playing LOL. This is uncommon behavior. I have two Geforce 9800GTs, set up for SLI. I have two monitors.

My system specs are:
Intel Core2 Q9450 @ 2.66GHz
4Gigs RAM
The aforementioned Geforce 9800GTs
idk, some other shit

My drivers are up to date, I uninstalled, reinstalled, rolled back, updated again, etc. Did repairs on LOL and Torchlight 2, which also started crashing. Then I fired up Speedfan:
My GPUs are running, idle, at 62C and 74C
My CPUs are between 52C and 66C
Basically everything on SpeedFan looks like it's on fire. I double-checked the temps with the Nvidia system tool.

My case is clean. I clean it every couple months with air and I've never encountered an amount of dust that disturbed me. It was always a... tolerable dusting. My question is: Wasabi? Is it my cards? The drivers? If I need to start replacing fans and heat sinks and shit I'm probably going to just get a new PC and be very sad about it. This thing is kind of old, but it's got a low amount of hours on it and has never given me a single problem. In fact, it's a fucking champion. I hate to see it go out like this, yo.


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    StormwatcherStormwatcher Blegh BlughRegistered User regular
    take one card out, test the other, reverse. That's a good starting point. Also, try Prime95 (to help remove the CPU from the culprit list just in case).

    If you ever decide to burn it all down, do it on a wide open concrete area, and livestream it (disclaimer: DON'T EVER DO IT I'M JUST KIDDING FFS).

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    BubsBubs Not Burbs ChicagoRegistered User regular
    FINE. I won't set it on fire.

    The cards both worked the same on their own as they do in tandem. That is, anything GPU related is sluggish, and I can't run any game for more than 2-3 minutes before the drivers start crashing again. Each one runs hotter than 75 on their own, whereas when they're both hooked up they top out around 70C.

    Prime95 ran for 20 hours, no issues. I even took the side of the case off and blew a fan in there. The temps all fell quite a bit, but it didn't solve my crashing issues.

    And now, as an added bonus, when the drivers crash they give me a blue screen!

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    StupidStupid Newcastle, NSWRegistered User regular
    Can you actually _touch_ the heatsinks? If the CPU/GPUs are running at 50-75C (that's like 120 to 160 degrees F!) the heatsinks should be noticably warm. If the heatsinks are cool to the touch while the chips are burning up like that, it sounds like there is a thermal disconnect. Pulling the heatsinks off and reseating them will probably help quite a bit. Cheap heatsink compound has a habit of drying out and becoming a thermal insulating barrier between the ship and the heatsink (see: PS3 heatsink failures). Use a good qaulity compound (arctic silver) and dont apply too much! More is not better.

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