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Can't get 5.1 sound to work.

RyadicRyadic Registered User regular
So I recently was able to pull my 5.1 speakers out of storage and hook them up only to find out that my on board sound doesn't support 5.1 sound. So I go to Newegg and look for the cheapest card possible, which I didn't think would be a problem, and come across this.

It arrived today and I installed it and got the drivers installed and everything else. I've verified everything is connected properly, but my rear, center, and bass are not working. Just the front speakers. Well the rear speakers mirror the front speakers.

Can anyone help, or should I just contact Newegg and ship it back for a replacement or a different card?

Oh, and I've searched Google for possible fixes and cannot find anything. Also downloaded a few different drivers hoping that would fix it, but to no avail.

Ryadic on


  • TefTef Registered User regular
    Did you go into your sounds settings and make sure that the settings aren't still set on stereo or something? that's tripped me up before

  • RyadicRyadic Registered User regular
    I'm in the sound settings I believe, unless there's a different one, and I go to the speakers, hit configure, select 5.1 (only other options is stereo) and then test. Front speakers work, and I can hear my rear playing the same thing they are. Bass, rear, and center are not working.

  • chrishallett83chrishallett83 Hi! Registered User regular
    Without personally looking at it, all I can suggest is double-check your connections, and go into control panel and check the speaker settings under Sound.

  • RyadicRyadic Registered User regular

    I have the Logitech X-540 speakers. Went to their website to see if there may be some troubleshooting there, and I completely forgot about the Matrix button on it. Since I was only using 2 speakers, I forgot that it does a pretty good job of simulating 5.1 surround sound with that on. Disabled it and it's working just fine now.

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