Stickman Vs Infinite Ninjas

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A chaotic fighter for Android


No ads for a buck

There is no quest, there is no exploring.
There is only the challenge.
It is not how easily you die that counts, but how amazingly you lived.
Defend yourself as waves of ninjas attack!
Pick up weapons from the fallen dead
As you level up, you will be able to run faster, jump higher, and hit harder.
You WILL die in this game. A lot. Consider yourself warned.
The only question left is this:
How many ninjas can you take with you?


We were inspired by the Xiou Xiou stickfighting webtoons and wanted to try to make a game that plays similarly.

Stickman Vs Infinite Ninjas is our first game, and only our 2nd Android project. The goal was to make something unique and fun. The year we've spent on this so far has been a fun way for us to learn how to program.

The goal of play is to kill as many ninjas as you possibly can before they kill you. Gameplay is fast paced and chaotic with ninjas coming from all sides. The action ramps up as you play with both your character and your enemies getting stronger and faster over time, and (if the device is strong enough) the number of enemies also increasing. On the Normal and Gamer modes, the level is randomized so that you will have a new layout of platforms each time to play on every single game. A liberal amount of powerups are dropped, but they disappear after a short time, so efficient powerup collection can be a real factor of survival.

Please note that the game is not finished and will grow over time. We include in-game polling to allow players to vote on which weapon or feature we will add to the game next. The first poll has finished, and dual swords won, and has been added. The 2nd poll has now begun.

The game has been released for over two months and thus far we have made less than five dollars from it. Being complete noobs to the game-making scene, we kind of bungled our launch and have suffered lackluster numbers as a result.

It generally takes a few games to get the hang of the controls, and you'll get better over time as you play and there's a good chance that you've never played a game with this much chaos. Randomized levels, randomized enemy positions, randomized powerups. Sometimes defensible spots are generated, sometimes they aren't. Sometimes ninjas drop lots of health, other times they are stingy. You will have to improvise your strategy every time you play.


The newest version of the game now has a tutorial built in and there are two practice modes.


Your attacks will change depending on the weapon(s) you have equipped. Collecting a sword will increase your attack and give you a better jumping attack. When you have collected two swords, you can swipe upward to do a spin-jump which increases your vertical range, or swipe left or right to do a dashing combo that evades enemy shuriken and closes the distance between you and the nearest enemy.

Shuriken that miss you can hit enemies behind you.

Falling corpses impact other enemies and do damage as well.

If you have two swords, you can throw one and still keep the other. Be mindful of leaving swords laying around as enemies will pick them up and use them against you. Sticking them in a wall out of reach is a great way to keep them away from enemies.

Fireballs can disarm enemies. If a disarmed boss teleports, they'll re-arm themselves.

Enemies with swords can knock your shuriken back at you.


Ninja Face - This powerup increases the number of active ninjas by one, increasing the chaos and scoring potential. These will not show up when your device has reached its maximum framerate, instead newly spawned ninjas will get tougher faster.

Shurikens - This powerup gives you five shuriken which you can throw at enemies.

Smokebomb - This powerup will teleport you a short distance away. You can influence the direction of the teleport by tilting in the direction you wish to go before activating the smokebomb icon.

Thrown sword - You can throw your sword if you choose, and it will do heavy damage to enemies in its path.

Small Health - Gives you one more HP.

Large Health - Fills your HP, or if already full, gives you five extra health.


Points are awarded for each kill. Multipiers will affect the amount of points awarded based on your level, the level of the enemy killed, and combo and streak bonuses.

Combos are when you kill multiple enemies with very little time between kills. When too much time has passed to include a kill in the current combo, points are awarded according to the number of kills in the combo.

Streaks are similar to combos, but are not based on time, instead a streak is the number of ninjas you have killed without being hit.

If Stickman Vs Infinite Ninjas won't work for your device, please let us know by either posting below or emailing us at smithquaredsoftware@gmail.com

Thanks, we hope you enjoy the game.


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    CyberCodCyberCod Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    CyberCod on
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    CyberCodCyberCod Registered User regular
    Awww, no love? I am Jack's utter disappointment.

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    TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON Registered User regular
    I'm not sure I can handle infinite ninjas. 12 is about my limit.

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    CyberCodCyberCod Registered User regular
    edited November 2012
    Each device kind of has its own limit of the number of simultaneous ninjas. The game caps it off whenever it detects an FPS drop, and won't add more unless it starts running better. Once capped, it will increase the power and health of any new ninjas that arrive to replace dead ones. This is how we attempted to level gameplay across the wide array of Android devices.

    It works pretty well, except that with the combo bonuses, a faster device will often manage to score higher than a slow one, simply because there are more opportunities for higher combo kills.

    CyberCod on
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    TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON Registered User regular
    I was joking.

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    CyberCodCyberCod Registered User regular
    Narf. ::facepalm::

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    CyberCodCyberCod Registered User regular
    In the last week, the game has made 26 cents from AdMob, 9 cents from Smaato, and 70 cents from a direct sale of the Ad-Free version.

    That about equals out to a McDonald's cheeseburger.

    If you have big dreams of striking it rich as a game developer, maybe you'll get lucky and wake up first. :-)

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    CyberCodCyberCod Registered User regular
    We passed 10,000 downloads today.

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    urahonkyurahonky Resident FF7R hater Registered User regular
    Cod, for you, I'll download this now. I just recently got an Android device.

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    urahonkyurahonky Resident FF7R hater Registered User regular
    Question: When installing the game I see that one of the permissions is "Read phone state and identity". I see this on a lot of apps... Is there a reason for this?

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    CyberCodCyberCod Registered User regular
    edited November 2012
    Its an automatic thing for any app that targets less than Android 4.0. We're targeting much lower than that because we want to support older devices.


    I believe it is used so that the app will automatically pause for phonecalls and such, or perhaps for AdMob targeting. We don't use it explicitly ourselves, just this automatically generated usage AFAIK.

    Hope you enjoy the game. :-)

    CyberCod on
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    urahonkyurahonky Resident FF7R hater Registered User regular
    I figured that as much. I am always weirded out by the wording it uses though.

    I played it for a little bit (I am far too busy lately) and enjoyed it. The tilting actually works really well on my S3. I had a hard time swinging at those ninjas from time to time but I couldn't tell if it was because of me or the game (probably me). It's ad supported right? I never saw an ad... I guess that's good. :P

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    CyberCodCyberCod Registered User regular
    There should've been one on the stats screen, and occasionally there's an ad screen before the stats screen. Its not always exactly the same, much like the game, there's an element of random changes to the ad strategy.

    The easy mode always has the same platform layout, but the other two fighting modes have randomized platform layouts.

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