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[Tribes: Ascend] November to Remember, A Month of Community Events for Tribes: Ascend

Note: I hope this doesn't break any rules regarding promotion; these are events organized by the Tribes community to help bring new life to our small community. We want to inform and invite the Tribes: Ascend fans in the Penny Arcade community. I will be checking back all day to answer questions if anyone has them. Hopefully we will see some of you there.

Please note that we will be doing our best to bring you these events as scheduled. However, due to the unpredictability of the storm currently affecting the Eastern United States, please keep in mind that some events may be rescheduled or cancelled.

As announced on last week’s episode of Behind the Blue Plate, hosted by docmatrix and Stowaway, a large initiative amongst the North American Tribes: Ascend community kicks off today. Throughout the month of November, NATribes will be putting on PUB nights, role-based player workshops, beginner pickup games, and giveaways. There will also be two separate tournaments taking place; an invitational featuring existing competitive teams to show what competitive Tribes: Ascend has to offer, and something exciting that is yet to be announced.

This evening, October 29th, the magnanimous AnarchyAo will be hosting the launch party from 7pm-10pm EST featuring PUB games and giveaways. Immediately following that, at 10pm EST, Egocentric and Vexillifer will be facing off in the very first showmatch for the North American Tribes Invitational. This matchcast will be casted by DocLettuce in co-production with IBN on

Events will continue through the month of Nevember with PUB nights every Moday through Thursday from 7pm-10pm EST and tournament games at 10pm EST on IBN. Weekends will feature PUB nights, workshops, newbloods pick-ups as well as an open draft tournament the weekend of Nov 30th. Lastly don’t forget to tune in at 10pm EST on Sundays for TribesCentre and catch up on all of the news from the week in competitive Tribes Ascend.

Links & Info

Official Website: (Under Construction)

Steam Community: Note: The page will tell you the group is invite only if you are not logged into steam.



Tournament Schedule and Rules:

Main Tournament Stream:

Main Streamers:

IRC: #tribes

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