Kiwi's going to PAX?

TubbsnzTubbsnz Registered User regular
So anyone going to PAX Aus from New Zealand?


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    PsykarPsykar Programmer Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I was born there, does that count?
    Melbourneite these days though.

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    TubbsnzTubbsnz Registered User regular
    I'm sure it'll count, especially if NZ and Australia are playing any type of sport at the time. :)

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    rincewindnzrincewindnz Registered User new member
    Yep, making a holiday of it.

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    NaffdiddyNaffdiddy Registered User new member
    A few mates and I are planning on it. Had a blast at PAX Prime in 2011 so it would be nice to go to a PAX that is a bit closer to home. Looking forward to it.

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    MikrioMikrio The most casual of clones MelbourneRegistered User regular
    Mother was born there father is Russian i was born in aus does it count ? haha

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    exisexis Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    Yep, I'll be there. 3-day pass is all booked. Now all I need to do is get a job so I can ask for time off work!

    I think there'll be some sort of semi-official contingent from Gameplanet there, as well as at least a few GP forumers. Would be rad to catch up with other Kiwi's while we're there.

    exis on
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    FatSoDaFatSoDa Professor Doctor AustraliaRegistered User regular
    You guys know that Melbourne doesnt have any good fush and chups right bro? (im sorry ill go now)

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    zerochosenzerochosen WollongongRegistered User regular
    And we don't sheer our sheep with nobody :P

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    rithrith Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I was born there. Living in Perth now though.

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    YugYug [ PAX Australia ] Content & Communications Manager AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I was just over in NZ for a few weeks, stayed up in Taupo by the Lake. Was awesome.

    Keep in mind there will be a contingent of New Zealand devs who are making their way over to PAX Aus to showcase stuff as well!

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    TinTangoTinTango Registered User regular
    FatSoDa wrote: »
    You guys know that Melbourne doesnt have any good fush and chups right bro? (im sorry ill go now)

    "Oh Nah bro. I only eat Plank-ton. Have you got any plank-ton?"

    Anyway, I'll be going, though not via Beached Whale. Meeting up with some more Kiwis would be awesome... we could bust out a Haka or too :)

    @Yug: I hope the team from Grinding Gear Games will be there- they deserve props for their "Path of Exile".

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    BlargosaurusBlargosaurus Registered User regular
    I'll be there Thursday through Monday. Coming from Nelson. I'll probably be flying out of Chch, though to make the early AirNZ flight.

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    TubbsnzTubbsnz Registered User regular
    Damn, as I thought still going to be out numbered by Australians, oh well we'll just have to make sure the kiwi contingent to PAX leaves a good, but permanent impression on all.

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    FitzchivalryFitzchivalry PAXAUS Cookie Brigade Coordinator Orrstrahleeeeah mate!Registered User regular
    *mental note to self* Call up contacts at Tullamarine airport immigration and make sure all Kiwis are blocked at the gates :D

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    marz_1982marz_1982 Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    @Mortious and I will be there! We're arriving a few days before and leaving a few days after to make the most of the trip to Aus. We didn't manage to get the Saturday tickets - all sold out booo, but we'll be there Friday and Sunday :)

    marz_1982 on
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    JermachiJermachi Nuu ZeelundRegistered User new member
    We made a trip of it too. Travelling all the way from sunny Dunedin. I hope everyone is enjoying there time so far.

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