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I need help planning a proposal!

altruisticHeathenaltruisticHeathen Registered User new member
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Hello everyone!
This is actually my first post on the PAX forums, so I hope this is the best place for this thread (If it isn't, PLEASE tell me!) x: In fact, this will be my first time to any PAX at all.

That being said, there's a reason I decided we HAD to go to PAX east this year. My boyfriend and I will have been together six years this February, and I decided I've waited long enough. I plan on proposing to him when we go to PAX in March, however, beyond that main idea I have no clever idea how to do it!

We've always been huge gamers. We met in highschool, and it was actually through WoW we started officially dating. There aren't very many genres we don't play between the two of us--I prefer RPG and he'll play anything with achievements. We don't go to very many cons, and the ones we have been to have only been anime.

After weeks of begging I made him agree to cosplay with me, however refuses to wear a wig (he has medium length dark brown hair, if that helps), so cosplay-proposal ideas are limited. This sucks as I was hoping I could do a Zelda/Link theme ;C Boo.

If ANYONE has any ideas, I'd love to hear it! The bigger and more embarrassing the better :D

And I don't have to worry about him finding this thread thankfully--not only does he not know about these forums, he doesn't know this screen name of mine and he's not a forum person anyway.

Thanks in advance for any advice!!


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  • iMattiMatt Registered User regular
    Firstly congrats on making the big step. I'm not sure I've got a lot to say about the actual proposal not knowing either of you however I would say think a bit about your boyfriend and his comfort levels. For instance my wife would have hated this sort of proposal, instead preferring something very private and personal between just the two of us (which she got and still tells everyone how perfect it was even after 7 years!).

    I see a lot of girls get proposed to on TV shows and some of their expressions clearly state "I have to say yes because 100's of people are staring at us!" I'm not being down on your PAX proposal (I personally would have been fine with my wife doing something like this) but just make sure you're doing something romantic in a way that he'll be down with.

    I wish you the best and look forward to photos / stories on how this pans out for you both!

  • JAGSJAGS Orlando/VietnamRegistered User regular
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    The bigger and more embarrassing the better

    This is the only way to do a proposal it's the law:

    But if your a law breaker, you should find out what panels/contests are going on. Then tell your plan to an event organizer and see if they will help. For instance: If there was a video game cosplay contest, you could do your link Zelda theme. Then when it's your turn to go up on stage the music stops, they play the faeirie theme from zelda and give you the mic. You make your proposal but then Ganon steals you off stage. Or something like that....

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  • cabsycabsy the fattest rainbow unicorn Registered User regular
    PAX has stated before that it isn't down for PAX proposals (in the way that JAGS is referencing - you can obviously still do one there) or PAX weddings except in extremely extenuating circumstances so you won't be getting on stage to propose. I know some of the retailers or game companies are down to help out if you contact them though! Like this:

  • altruisticHeathenaltruisticHeathen Registered User new member
    @iMatt: Thank you so much for your well wishes! I've put a lot of thought into it and how I feel his reaction would be. I know he wouldn't just say yes because we're in public, though I do agree he might be ridiculously embarrassed. That tends to be a recurring theme to embarrass one another though (;
    I will most definitely be relaying end result pictures afterwords though C:

    @JAGS: Oh boy do I love flashmobs. That would be SUPER fun, but I doubt I'd be able to scavenge up enough people to pull off something like that :C I love the latter idea, but as cabsy said PAX probably wouldn't be to keen hah.

    @cabsy: Thanks for that heads up! I had no idea O: That is way cool that retailers and game companies are willing to help.. Once more info about PAX east comes in I'll totally have to see about asking around!

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