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Warhammer: Dark Heresy

Xieflow2Xieflow2 Registered User regular
Hey guys, so we're playing a round of Dark Heresy over Ventrilo. I'm a Tech Priest, Footwerk is a Guardsman Conscprit, Gerbil is a novice cleric, Lazerbeard is an arbitrator trooper, Poundage is a scum dreg, Sniperguy is an adept archivest, and KoolEagle is our GM.

If you are unfamiliar with Dark Heresy, it's a tabletop RPG based on Warhammer 40k, featuring a GrimDark future.

Here's a screenshot of our setup:

Here's my notes of our session:

We landed on some shithole of a planet. They were having some problem with a mine. We kept getting sent to different people, some Imperial Guard soldiers sent us to a guy with a wooden eye, who sent us to the Commisar. We went to the Quartermaster, and Sniperguy talked his way into a handful of grenades. As we walked to the seal of the mine, we found some civilians in poor condition. Every time we tried talking to them, they defecated in fear. Footwerk rolled an awareness check on all this pooping, and succeeded far too well.

Lots of Imperial Guardmens and some woolly mammoths are chilling out near the portal to the mine. The Commisar thinks we're just a squad of fucking losers sent because the Inquisitor could give a shit about his problem.

Footwerk keeps passing awareness checks to really smelly things, he's some sort of poo smell fetishist.

We hit some sort of drop walking to the mine. There's some sort of large drop down a few kilometers, but a passageway a few meters down.

After some excessive preperations for this small drop, Sniperguy makes it down first. He's at the start of the map we were given.
The Gerbil goes next, and slips down and falls fifteen meters past the ledge. He thrashes and struggles, hanging from the rope. He climbs up a bit, but falls back down. Poundage, Footwerk, and me start pulling the rope to pull him up, and manage to get him onto the ledge.
Poundage is up next, and he slips and falls to the end of the rope, as well.
Lazerbeard just backflips down to the overhang, while Poundage hangs off the edge.
Poundage flails a bit, but manages to get his bearings and pull himself up.
I was next, I climbed down, fell off the wall, and the stalagmite we tied the rope to broke. Everyone holding the rope kept me from falling. I flailed a bit, and no one was able to keep hold of the rope. After burning a fate point, I was able to climb back up.
Footwerk is next, and belly flops off the ledge. SniperGuy is able to catch the rope and keep him from falling. Footwerk is able to claw his way up to the passageway.

Now that we are all down, we press forward to the mine. Now there is a gap we have to leap over to get into the mine. The gap is only 6 meters down, it's not deadly, but painful. The walls around the gap are shear, making it difficult to get out.
Sniperguy is up first, making a running jump, holding on to the rope so we can pull him up if we need to.
Sniperguy misses the jumps. The rest of us hold tight to the rope, and Footwerk holds tight, so we pull Sniperguy back up.
Sniperguy takes another jump, and makes it.
Poundage is next, runs and jumps, and falls. Luckily we are able to hold tight on the rope, and pull him back up.
Poundage takes another jump, and makes it.
Next, The Gerbil takes a jump and misses, and Footwerk is able to hold tight.
The Gerbil tries again, and misses, and I was able to hold tight.
Up next, I make it on my first try, even with my tiny 19 strength with a roll of 18.
Lazerbeard is up next, rolls a 1, and backflips over the pit.
Finally, Footwerk has to cross. He throws the rope across to us, and takes a leap... and misses.
Luckily, Lazerbeard holds tight, and we pull him up.

We continue foward, and find some tracks. There doesn't seem to be anything special about these.
We find subsection five, complete with glass window and a bloody handprint. If this wasn't the GrimDark Future, this would be ominous, but we already walked past piles of shitting, bloody peasants earlier, blood is just part of our lives.

The door is a problem for us, we aren't able to get it open. Sniperguy decides to knock on the door, but there is no response.
The Gerbil decides our only option is to blast the door with a laspistol... and the blast diffuses on the door.
I search closer on the door, and it's heavily armored. We need to use explosives to get it open.
Sniperguy decides we need to go through the window, and butts his rifle against the window to no success.
Footwerk pushes Sniperguy aside, and smashes the window open. Unleashing a shitsmell upon us. It's like the smell of shit follows Footwerk.
Footwerk looks into the room, and sees a dozen corpses on the floor. Each has a strange mutation, extra eyes, extra arms.

At this point, we begin arguing if we should blow the door open, or climb into this side room. This side room is sealed, with corpses.
Sniperguy climbs into the window while we argue, and opens the door for us.
Poundage steps forward to search the corpses, but vomits all over.
Sniperguy shits himself from the smell of these corpses.
Now we're arguing if we should destroy the corpses. We don't have good resources, so we're hoping they won't return as zombies later.

We move onwards now. The passage moves downwards, and the next room is flooded with water, covered with some glistening oil.
Sniperguy takes a look at the water with a very strong roll, and sees nothing, just some water and oil. He notices the water is about mid-torso height.
We walk through the water. As The Gerbil walks through, he feels something brush up against his leg, and drops an electro torch into the water. He sees nothing, and picks up his torch. He keeps walking, and we all follow him through. We all follow him, and I deficate in the water as we walk through. Poundage takes off his pants be walking through, and throws them across, and walks across while nude.

Finally, we reach an area that says "The Shatters" above it in spraypaint. We decide to rest before we enter. The Gerbil gives Poundage a chain coat to boost his armor. We rest for half an hour before we enter.

We wander for hours, and find no creature, but we do find signs of something. Eventually we find a door labeled "12", and realize this is "The Shatters".

Apparently these miners were shitty, and didn't do a great job. Also, more awful smells. Apparently the GrimDark future smells horrible everywhere. Every door here is a massive, spinny wheel door that we need to use strength to open.

TheGerbil, Footwerk, and I try and open the door, but aren't able. Lazerbeard pushes us aside and opens the door with no effort.

The floor is covered in blood, organs, and pieces of imperial guardsman uniform. We see some different paths we can take, and begin discussing which way we should go.

I suggest we go left, on the map it's a small alcove. Everyone argues against me, we should not open new doors. Most people want to go east instead of west, into some caverns.

We take a break to all draw our guns out. Sniperguy walks back and holds his ear against the door we walked past. Sniperguy wants to opent his door, as well.

After some discussion, we begin walking to the smaller side to the east. We see six severed heads in a small pit.

We press forward, east. Sniperguy hears a wet slobbery noise, as if something is eating. He tells us to back up. The Gerbil just wants to start throwing frag grenades, but Sniperguy says we need to conserve ammo.

Something horrible, with 8 eyes, begins walking towards us. It wears the tatters of a Guardsman's uniform. Sniperguy (100), Lazerbeard (95), TheGerbil (93), Poundage (53), and Footwerk (77) all panick, but I (20) hold my ground.

Alright, shit is going down now. I take a burst shot with my carbine at the mutant, and hit dealing eight damage, dealing four wounds. I shout "KNOW THE MUTANT, KILL THE MUTANT" as I shoot. The mutant guardsman roars in anger at being shot.

The mutant charges at me, taking a melee attack, but misses.

With the Mutant up in my grill, taking a shot at it takes a risk of hitting me. Footwerk takes a fairly chanced aimed shot (37), but whiffs.

The Mutant attacks me again, and barely hits me. I take 9 wounds of damage, -6 toughness, and -2 armor, for four wounds. I am at 6/10, fairly beat up.

Lazerbeard is up next, pumping his shotgun, and nails the Mutant for 8, which works out to 4 damage.
Poundage preps his gun, takes a close range aimed shot, which cancels out to just his ballistics skill. Poundage wildy misses.
The Gerbil takes a shot with his pistol. The Gerbil hits for 12, which works out to 8 damage.
I pull out my pistol to shoot the Mutant, and miss.
Sniperguy readies his gun to take a shot if the Mutant moves.
Footwerk readies his lasgun, and takes a shot. He hits, but it does no damage.
The Mutant turns towards Lazerbeard, who had blasted him point blank with a shotgun. He tries to hit Lazerbeard with a melee attack, but Lazerbeard continues to backflip and avoids the attack.
Lazerbeard aims his shotgun at the mutant again for a hit of 10, which works out to 6 damage. He blows off the Mutant's arm, and the Mutant falls on the floor, and dies.

We head back to the west, and Sniperguy tries to open the door. He fails, but Poundage opens it. We find a concrete room, with an overturned table in the middle of the room, and lots of cobwebs. Footwerk hears some whimpering in the room. He finds a miner hiding behind the table. Footwerk shouts "THUNDER" before finding him, and he deficates himself.
Considering there are cobwebs in here, Lazerbeard rolls a scrutiny check for defects, and finds the miner clean.

I shout "HEYO MINER, WHAT'S UP?" in my auto-tuned voice. He replies "Don't hurt me, please!"
Gerbil says "We're not going to hurt you! What are you doing here?" He replies "I'm hiding, get away from guns!" Gerbil replies "Guns?" and he replies "Other men had them!"
Lazerbeard says a lot of boring words, and Sniperguy interrupts him "Dude where are guns, point us at him!" The miner points outside the hallway, responding "I hide in here!" Sniperguy replies "How many?" and the miner gibbers in fear. Sniperguy asks "Why did they attack?" and he replies "Horrible things out there! They eat me!" Sniperguy asks "How many guns?" and he replies "I don't know". After too many questions, the miner passes out and soils himself.

We leave the room, The Gerbil shuts the door and seals it. After a few tries, The Gerbil manages to shut the door.

We head north, and hit another path that breaks north/east/west. We have to take an awareness check to see what's up. We see a faint, flickering glow in a pinkish hue north at the end of the hallway.

I say "Hey, looking at the map, I say we go east, it's the shortest to the end, so we want to clear everything so nothing sneaks up on us. We see nothing out of the ordinary.

I say "Let's go west now, we don't want anything sneaking up on us." We progress west, and four mutants jump out from behind a stone pillar. The heard us from our gunfire earlier, and surprise us.

Mutant 1 takes a shot at Sniperguy, he was leading the party this way, but Mutant 1 misses.
Mutant 2 does something while I'm taking a piss.
Mutant 3 takes a shot, and misses.
Mutant 4 takes a melee attack at Lazerbeard, but misses.

Lazerbeard backs up to get range for his shotgun, and takes a shot and hits for 8, which works out for a 5 damage headshot.

These mutants are smaller than the big one we fought earlier.

I take some cover, take a shot, and hit mutant 4 in the chest for 3 damage.

Footwerk aims and takes a shot and misses.

The Gerbil is up next, and he takes cover and takes a pistol shot at mutant 4, hitting him, killing mutant 4.

Sniperguy takes a shot, and it goes wild, hitting nothing.

Poundage takes a semi-automatic shot at mutant 2, three shots. He hits with all 3 for 18 total, and he keels over dead.

The two mutants cower a bit, but regain composer and pull back, trying to seperate us, with mutant 1 taking a potshot at Lazerbeard, missing terribly. Mutant 3 takes a potshot as well, but hits, dealing five damage to Lazerbeard.

Lazerbeard runs to cover and takes a shot at mutant 3, but misses.

I take a full auto shot at one of the mutants and hit, but it doesn't hit hard enough to hurt.

Footwerk takes a full ahot shot at mutant 3, and hits for 19 damage, exploding the mutant.

The last mutant deficates furiously in fear of us, and The Gerbil is up next, and hits, dealing six wounds in the leg. The mutant shouts in Low Gothic at The Gerbil "You cockmongler!" The Gerbil shouts back a curse in High Gothic.

Sniperguy takes a shot and it goes wild, completely missing.

Poundage takes a shot and hits, exploding the last mutant into a pile of feces.

And it's getting late, we're in zone seven, and we're taking a break now. Dark Heresy has gone fantastic so far.


  • TheKoolEagleTheKoolEagle Registered User regular
    Yeah I had a lot of fun GMing last night but I've learned my improv skills are severely lacking. Seems so far everyone is enjoying the game! Although my goto reaction to most things involves defecation. That fits the grimdark future though right?

    uNMAGLm.png Mon-Fri 8:30 PM CST - 11:30 PM CST
  • TheGerbilTheGerbil Registered User regular
    In the grim dark future there is only defecation.

  • Void SlayerVoid Slayer Very Suspicious Registered User regular
    They could curl up into a ball gibbering madly.

    Scream a lot.

    Go catatonic, only whispering scriptures.

    Erie graffiti that makes you sick looking at it.

    Smell of sulfur and chemicals that shouldn't be there.

    Vomiting in general, you can tell what they last ate, infinite variety!

    Or most horrifying, a minty fresh smell.

    Great recap though sounds like a fun adventure. You could have all been totally kill at any time!

    He's a shy overambitious dog-catcher on the wrong side of the law. She's an orphaned psychic mercenary with the power to bend men's minds. They fight crime!
  • TheKoolEagleTheKoolEagle Registered User regular
    I've been going fairly easy overall on the acolytes thus far, next playthrough the training wheels come off (since everyone but one member of the party has never played the game before it was kind of a breaking into the game session as well)

    next lesson up: Why your character can be horribly maimed by a single bad roll.

    uNMAGLm.png Mon-Fri 8:30 PM CST - 11:30 PM CST
  • Void SlayerVoid Slayer Very Suspicious Registered User regular
    I've been going fairly easy overall on the acolytes thus far, next playthrough the training wheels come off (since everyone but one member of the party has never played the game before it was kind of a breaking into the game session as well)

    next lesson up: Why your character can be horribly maimed by a single bad roll.

    Or a good one!

    You fully understand the book and the plot of the cult to take over the planet, gain 5 corruption points.

    He's a shy overambitious dog-catcher on the wrong side of the law. She's an orphaned psychic mercenary with the power to bend men's minds. They fight crime!
  • TheKoolEagleTheKoolEagle Registered User regular
    Wrapped up my campaign sans Xieflow who is out of town for a few weeks, what I've learned from combat is that shotguns are ridiculously good at point blank range. I mean you get a +30 bonus to bs at point blank, and then every 2 degrees of success you get an extra hit, that means you have a fairly good chance of doing 2d10+8 damage (unless I have multiple hit weapons/shots wrong).

    Shattered Hope is a pretty simple campaign that helped get my players into the game, next campaign should result in some good deaths.

    uNMAGLm.png Mon-Fri 8:30 PM CST - 11:30 PM CST
  • TheKoolEagleTheKoolEagle Registered User regular
    edited December 2012
    new adventure I came up with myself tonight! I am hoping @Xieflow does another writeup, this time it should only be one session, and there will most likely be blood

    TheKoolEagle on
    uNMAGLm.png Mon-Fri 8:30 PM CST - 11:30 PM CST
  • Xieflow2Xieflow2 Registered User regular


    We've been sent to a Gang World to check out what's up. There might be some super illegal shit going on, bad news for the emperor. We're looking for Ruinous powers, Chaos shit.

    We've got to talk to a dude about stuff.

    Sniperguy: Why do we suspect Chaos is involved? Is there evidence?
    Lazerbeard: Is Chaos never involved?
    Sniperguy: When we got pizza...

    We enter the Precinct. It's pretty standard, boring. Just some dude working at a desk with a door behind him.

    Sniperguy: You're these people, you go talk to them, you know how it's work.

    Lazerbeard: We have been sent here on order of the Inquisition to investigate the recent gang incursion in this area. We would appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Can I talk to whoever is in charge?

    Sniperguy whispers: Don't mention chaos!

    Lazerbeard whispers back: I DIDN'T SAY CHAOS

    Lazerbeard flashes his sigil of the inquisition.

    The dude at the desk: You want to talk to Captain Jenkins, I'll send you to him.

    We head to the Captain's desk.

    He's a dude in his mid 30's, smoking a cigar. This is one of the lowest inhabital levels of the hive, he's a pretty hardened dude.

    Lazerbeard whispers to the group: Gang violence happens here are the time, why are we here?
    The Gerbil whispes in reply: There's rumors of Chaos.
    Sniperguy whispers: HEY CHILL IT WITH THE CHAOS TALK. We can't start rumors of that!

    Captain Jenkins clears his throat: I'm glad to see the Inquisition has taken heed of my reports. We've seen ritualistic murders. Two gangs are fighting, House Hurlock, and House Goliath. I believe both are using dark powers to stop the stalemate. My precinct has no power to interfere. That's where you come in, the Gangers are familiar with my team, except for one man in the field, and they are always eager for new members.

    The Gerbil: When you say "Ritualistic murders", what specifically is happening?
    Captain Jenkins: There's drawings in blood.
    The Gerbil: Is there an 8 pointed star? That's all I want to know.
    Captain Jenkins pulls out a file, and throws it on the desk in front of us. It's clear that these murders were ritualistic based on these guys were killed.

    The Gerbil and Lazerbeard look for sigils of cultist activity. There's pictures of a dead body laying in the middle of a start, with his organs removed.

    The Gerbil mentions to him: Yeah, these do look ritualistic.

    So we leave, to INQUISITION.

    The Gerbil asks him: Who the agent in the field is, and if we can contact him, if possible.

    Jenkins is unsure if he wants to reveal the details of his agent in the field.

    Sniperguy tries saying "Blah blah blah we'll protect him."
    Lazerbeard says "Hey, we're part of the inquisition."
    The Gerbil says "Tell me who he is, so we don't accidently kill him."

    Sniperguy rolls a charm test, and fails to charm him.
    Lazerbeard rolls to intimidate. Rolls a 69, and failed. Jenkins takes his cigar out of his mouth and says "Son, you don't know the shit I've seen down here."
    The Gerbil rolls an inquiry test, and fails.

    I try a logic check. "Shit is gonna get bad either way, just tell us the info." I fail the roll.

    Jenkins is annoyed by all of these people trying to get this information, and says "Look, fine, whatever, obviously you guys need all the help you can get." and hands us a file with the agent's info. Her name is Astra, she lives in Hab Block 43G, and is not affiliated with both gangs, and just reports on information. She's an Enforcer, but not an Arbitrator.

    Sniperguy "We promise, Captain, we will do out utmost to not let harm come to your agent. Unless she's tainted, and then she will get lots of harm."

    Captain Jenkins "That's all I can really ask for, may the Emperor be with you."
    The Gerbil "And the Emperor Protects... because I'm a priest."

    Sniperguy "HEY CAN WE GET FREE SHIT?"

    Sniperguy looks up information. Generally, both gangs have 20 members in them.

    Sniperguy "Alright, Captain. What do you know about these gangs? Do they have a leader? Are they tied to the leader? If we kill the leader, will they scatter?"

    Captain "The Goliaths are testoterone junkies. Huge, muscle dudes who love melee. They are lead by Fury-O, who is a massive man who will destroy your face in 1 on 1 combat."

    Sniperguy "How did he become the leader? Is it family, or did he muscle his way in?"

    Captain "It's not a family thing, they recruit out of the Underhive. Just the way the Goliaths work, strongest member is leader alpha."

    I say "So who's got the best strength? Maybe we can take him out, take over the gang, and get 19 followers."

    Lazerbeard "Basically, this guy is Comic Book Bain."
    Sniperguy "We don't have to challenge him, we have to kill him."
    Lazerbeard "That's not how it works. If we kill him by bullshit means, we won't take over the gang."

    Lazerbeard "We're going to leave this dude's office, we're taking up his time. I'm assuming all the information is in this data file we were given."

    Sniperguy "Wait. What's the other gang, before we leave."

    The other gang is the Orlocks, they are more of the typical gang bangers. The leader is DashPinte, he's not the strongest man, but extremely cunning, and a master of deception.

    I ask "Can we just subvert them? Make them think they are pro emperor by accident?"

    Lazerbeard says "If they've ever been touched by Chaos, they are dead. All we have to do is figure out if they have ever fucked with Chaos shit."

    The Gerbil "We're just investigators. The Inquisition has resources for this."

    Lazerbeard says "They'll send Space Marines if they have to."

    Sniperguy "Why am I even here if the Inquisiton has so much resources?"

    Lazerbeard "We have hardly anything until we have proof that there is Chaos."

    Sniperguy says "WAIT, I asked the dude what resources he can give us."

    Captain "Unfortunately, I'm tight right now and have nothing."

    Lazerbeard "Chill, we don't need anything. We're just doing some light scouting, looking for Chaos info, and then bailing."

    Sniperguy "Are we supposed to do anything if we find Chaos?"

    Lazerbeard "No, we report to the Inquisitor, and he tells us what to do. The first thing we need to do is figure out if there is any Heresy."

    Sniperguy "So we want to talk to the informant out what to do first."

    Lazerbeard "We don't want to go right to the informant..."

    Sniperguy "We could go door-to-door?"

    The Gerbil "That's going to get us shot here."

    Lazerbeard "'Hey, are you in one of those GANGS I've heard of? Can I join you? ARE YOU CHAOS?'"

    Lazerbeard "This is GOTHAM CITY X2"

    Lazerbeard "We could go to a bar."

    Sniperguy "Alright, let's go to a bar."

    Lazerbeard "That's going to be super risky. We need to get disguises. I'm in a cop uniform, The Gerbil is in a priest uniform, Xieflow is ROBOCOP."

    Lazerbeard "Xieflow might be tricky, they might take him for parts."

    The Gerbil "We could play an angle that he's into illegal implants and on the run from the Adaptes Mechanicas."

    Sniperguy "How often does a group of ours get into this sort of trouble? Can't Xieflow just walk in and say 'HEY I'M A BADASS I WANT TO BE A GANG ASSET'"

    Lazerbeard "That's pretty stupid."

    The Gerbil "That's why we said Xieflow can pretend to be Rogue, selling Illegal Enhancements."

    Lazerbeard "We don't need an elaborate description, we're just some dudes in a shitty bar in the ghetto."

    I say "Why don't we just send ONE guy in?"

    We examine our fellowship scores, Sniperguy has the highest.

    Sniperguy proposes the plan "You can all hang out in an alley. I find a gang banger, make him think I want to join his gang, I bring him to the alley, we jump him, and interrogate."

    I mention "OK, which gang do we go for first? Goliath is going to be tougher to interrogate, but they're not too bright, and will share info once we can get in. House Orlock is probably going to be more careful and sly about info... but Goliath's initiation test might be to just KILL YOU and make you do all the drugs..."

    Sniperguy "If we have to, it sounds like if the Goliaths full on attack the Orlocks, and might just win?"

    Lazerbeard and The Gerbil "Not necessarily, the Orlocks might have traps and guns."

    Sniperguy "Alright, lets go in."

    We roll to search for good clothes to hide in. And fail.

    We find some really shitty clothes to wear, covered in urine, and maybe poop.

    Sniperguy puts on the FECAL PISS clothes, over his flack coat, to keep safe.

    I say "So if Sniperguy's going to infiltrate the Goliaths, we should get him roided up."
    Sniperguy said "So, anyone have any good drugs? Can I have any?"
    Lazerbeard says "I've got stims, but isn't your strength low?"
    Sniperguy says "No, I'm going in with stims to SELL THEM, make them tougher, say 'I have a hookup', not join up."
    Sniperguy says "Lazerbeard, this is perfect, it's a GOVERNMENT STIM, right? Legal, but way rougher than normal."
    Sniperguy says "I can tell the Goliath 'I know a guy, who can hook us up.' We don't need to jump him, I can bring him to the alley, say you're my hookup, and we can go meet the leader."
    Lazerbeard says "He has no reason to trust you? You're selling him commercial grade stims, not illegal stuff. We don't know how good the stuff they have is, and you might piss them off with weak shit for wasting their time."
    Sniperguy says "In the bar, we're gonna run into lower level people. This might be good enough for them."
    Lazerbeard says "And then we have to deliver."
    Sniperguy says "No, we can just shoot them all."
    Lazerbeard says "That plan is going to get you killed."
    Lazerbeard says "We should just go to the bar, split up, gather info. Don't get fancy."

    I wonder if I have the skills to give someone the robot parts. KoolEagle, the GM says I don't have a skill for that, but I look the part, I could bluff it.

    Sniperguy says "We should act like we are 4 dudes who work together?"
    I say "I would rather we act indepedently, split up."
    The Gerbil says "I do have a lazgun..."
    lazerbeard says "Yeah, you don't walk up with a party of four and say 'HI WE CAN MUSCLE YOU UP?'"

    Lazerbeard says "That's what I'm saying! We don't need to sell people illegal shit!"
    Sniperguy says "OK, that sounds good. But lets all go in differently, not together."
    Lazerbeard says "Yeah, later one we can reveal whatever, act your stupid 'Four drug dealers'"

    The Gerbil goes in first. Orders a drink, whatever anyone is having.
    It's a pretty dank building, there's a couple of people scattered around, obviously a couple of people who are junkies, tripping balls.

    The Gerbil looks around, to see where people are sitting, standing off to the side, not being super creepy.

    The Gerbil makes an awareness check, and rolls 70. He doesn't notice anything besides junkies, and a couple of red bandanas, but no one is wearing things on their head.

    The Gerbil scopes the bar. There are two people sitting on opposite sides.

    Lazerbeard walks into the bar, and shoulder hits The Gerbil out of the way, and keeps going to the bar, and sits down.

    Bartender says "What will you have?"

    Lazerbeard "What's the shittiest alcohol you have?"

    Bartender "We got rotgut."

    Sniperguy walks into the bar behind the next random pubbie walking in. Sniperguy waits about 25 minutes outside the bar, before someone comes through.

    Sniperguy rolls a perception check, and gets 30. KoolEagle says "I'm going to count that, your rolls have sucked."
    I roll a 96, and notice nothing.

    Sniperguy notices a couple of muscle headed junkies at the opposite side of the street, staring and looking around.

    When I enter, The Gerbil takes me aside and grabs a booth.

    None of us can talk to each other, except for me and Gerbil, who are in a booth together.

    I try and act properly suspicious, like I'm trying to be stealth about selling Gerbil these upgrades, but in an awkward way. I fiddle with some spare parts, as if they are upgrades, and roll a 99 on a charm test. Two guys nearby overhear us, and whisper to each other.

    Sniperguy tells the bartender "Uh, so, I'm new in town."
    Bartender "That's great."
    Sniperguy "Uh... how's... the place? Any work to be had?"
    Bartender "Well, there are two Houses in this Habblock, they have been feuding for a while. You can normally score work with either side, but don't plan on living through the experience."
    Sniperguy "You picked a side, or get them both drunk?"
    Bartender "I stay neutral."
    Sniperguy "Probably a good plan. You point new guys to any particular person to talk to?"
    Bartender "Over there, that's a leutenant for the Orlock, you can talk to him."
    Sniperguy "He a regular?"
    Bartender "Oh yeah."
    Sniperguy "Any Goliaths in the area?"
    Bartender "Goliaths are definitely the powerhouse in this town, but the Orlocks keep them at bay."
    Sniperguy "Who would I talk to for that?"
    Bartender "Generally the Goliaths hang out across the street, selling stims and other drugs."
    Sniperguy says "I appreciate it, and I flip him a gelt."
    Bartender "You owe me ten for a drink."
    Kooleagle "You got paid $100 for the last mission."
    Sniperguy "Oh thank god, I thought I was broke."
    Sniperguy pays him 15, as a big tip, in a "I appreciate it, and this is for your silence".
    Lazerbeard overheard the conversation, but Gerbil and I did not.
    Lazerbeard gets another two shots, and closes his tab. He's down 30.

    Lazerbeard stumbles out of the bar across the street, to the Goliath dude. He's got a strong smell of alcohol, and is exagerating his drunkeness.
    Lazerbeard talks them into info, and they offer some cheap shit at 20 gelt a piece.
    Lazerbeard says "NO, I want the tough shit. I want to punch through this guys face. I mean, I only have this shit right here" and shows his stim pack.
    The Goliath says "I've got higher quality stuff, but it's back at the base. I only have stims on me right now."
    Lazerbeard says "So wear is the base?"
    The Goliath says "Stay here, I'll go get it."
    Lazerbeard says "So what are you talking about?"
    The Goliath says "I've got some muscle enhancers, for 100 throne a piece."

    The Goliath comes back with the high performance drugs, and says "You know buddy, you can also work for these drugs, if you're willing to do something for us?"
    Lazerbeard says "What kind of what kind of work are you talking about? Is it punching dudes in the face, I'm up for punching dudes in the face."
    The Goliath says "There's some Orlocks hanging out on our turf. I'll trade you this muscle performer if you teach them a lesson."
    Lazerbeard says "Alright, where are those guys at?"
    The Goliath says "They're on ____ street" and tells Lazerbeard where the street is. It's an initiation for joining the Goliaths.
    Lazerbeard says "How do I let you know I kicked their ass?"
    The Goliath says "We got eyes all over the streets."

    I say (OOC) "Lets go back a step. So do 4 of us infiltrate one gang? Or do we do 2 and 2?"
    Sniperguy says "That sounds good."
    Lazerbeard says "That means we can't be seen together."

    KoolEagle says we jump back to me selling to Gerbil.

    An Orlock walks up to us and says "Yo man, what you selling?"
    The Gerbil says "Yo man, this is my deal, back off."
    The Orlock says "So... uh... you realize you're doing some deals on this territory."
    I say "Look, you don't offer this sort of tech. There's no overlap. Just mind your own business."
    The Orlock is extra interested.
    I pull out a spare part that looks a little bit like an eye, flash it at him, and hide it again.
    The Orlock says "I see, you're a tech dealer, we could always use some tech in this neighborhood. You interested in any jobs?"
    I say "I just need parts, and money." I am hunched over, and super old.
    The Orlock says "We can do that, that's cool."

    Lazerbeard heads into the bar to grab Sniperguy. He sits down next to Sniperguy at the bar, who has been just drinking quietly, trying to be inconspicuous.
    Lazerbeard slams down in the chair next to Sniperguy, acting drunk, but sharing info. "Lets go outside, I'm going to give you some thrones, and we're going to go."
    Sniperguy picks up his drink, and says "Two minutes. Alley." (Which means THE OTHER ALLEY, and not the MAIN ALLEY)
    Lazerbeard shuffles out. And goes to the OTHER ALLEY, NOT THE MAIN ALLEY.
    Two minutes later Sniperguy joins Lazerbeard.

    So Orlocks are interested in Lazerbeard and Sniperguy, Orlocks into Gerbil and I.

    To Gerbil and I:
    The Orlock says "Carry this Bandana around, otherwise we might shoot you' ass."
    I say "I am pretty obvious. You don't need anything to recognize me."
    He says "Yo, I know, the rest of the guys don't"
    I reluctantly take the gross bandana.
    I say "Alright, so you want a hookup, let me get my stuff."
    He gives me a dataslate with a location on it, and says "Come meet me there with the stuff."

    Back to Lazerbeard and Sniperguy:
    Sniperguy "Alright, so we gotta go beat up these fools. Can I shoot them? Is that something I can do?"
    The magical voice of the GM, KoolEagle says "They're expecting a savage beating. Muscleheads."
    Lazerbeard says "Our guns are fairly concealed. We can go get lead pipes and beat them."
    Sniperguy "What about my sword?"
    Lazerbeard "NO. Just grab a primitive weapon and we beat them with it."

    Bathroom break for me.

    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard see their targets. a Juvie, a 12 year old follower, and two adult Orlocks"
    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard get near their targets. Sniperguy says "I'll go up to Juvie1, and you'll go up to Orlock 2. We'll sucker punch them at the same time. They don't know we're hostile yet, and won't expect it."
    Lazerbeard says "I'll just do that"

    Lazerbeard walks up drunk, and lost to one of the Orlocks.
    Sniperguy gets a closer look at the Juvie. He's just a kid wearing Orlock colors. He says, as he approaches "Hey kid... um... my drunk friend over there... I'm trying to find our hotel. I can't find it, we got lost?"
    Lazerbeard shouts "HEY YOU KNOW WHERE THE BITCHES AT?"
    Lazerbeard breaks into an attack, and goes for Orlock 2 with his weapon. He rolls 40, but the Orlock manages to jump out of the way and Lazerbeard misses.
    Sniperguy yells "HE'S DRUNK! I'M SORRY" and swings at the back of the Juvie's head when he's looking over at Lazerbeard.
    Sniperguy rolls poorly, 59, and KoolEagle says "Alright, I'll give you +30 for your good role playing." And it hits, a 1d10-2. Sniperguy rolls 8, for 6 damage. Sniperguy deals 5 wounds to the Juvie. Actually 3 more wounds because KoolEagle forgot to add a stat.
    The Juvie turns around, pissed.
    INITIATIVE. 1d10+Agility. Lazerbeard rolls 10+2=12, Sniperguy 2+2=4.
    Lazerbeard, then Orlocks, then Juvie, then Sniperguy.

    Lazerbeard swings at the guy in front of himself again, rolling 16. He gets excited "THE FIRST WAS JUST A FEINT TO TRICK THEM YEAH DAMN!"
    1d10+3, 9+3 = 12 total damage. Orlock2 falls to the ground.

    Orlock1 tries to shank Lazerbeard. He stumbles, and misses.
    The Juvie is pissed off, he pulls out his laspistol for hitting him upside the head while shouting "I'M SORRY"
    Sniperguy "If I die, I won't even be mad!"
    The Juvie takes a shot, and he misses, his gun almost jamming." He's pissed, and his head is bleeding.
    Sniperguy hits him with a brick again, rolls a 3 out of 100.
    Lazerbeard (OOC) "Sniperguy... in the back of your head, he's probably a Heretic, and deserves to burn anyways."
    Sniperguy rolls 1d10+1, 7+1=8 damage.
    Lazerbeard (OOC) "You're on his left arm. Don't worry, you probably just wrecked his arm, but he's not dead"
    Sniperguy rolls 1d5 for 3 for how many fingers are destroyed, for two fingers. The Juvie loses the use of his hand. Forever.
    Lazerbeard gets to make another attack. He rolls 53, and misses.
    The Orlock panics that Sniperguy just bricked the hell out of the Juvie hanging with them.
    The Orlock breaks from combat, shouting "OH SHIT ESSAY YOU JUST BEANED THAT JUVE!"

    Sniperguy runs 8 squares towards the last Orlock, shouting "I'M SORRY I'M SORRY!" Waving the brick, caked in the blood of a twelve year old, above his head.

    From the noise and commotion, another Orlock and Juvie come out of the alley to see what's up.
    We argue "They walk in on a twelve year old on the ground, with a broken hand, and a guy screaming running with a brick."
    Sniperguy rolls 19 on an intimidate check, and the Orlock ganger shouts "OH SHIT" and runs away.

    Lazerbeard runs to the first Orlock and tries to hit him. He misses.
    The Orlock swings back, and misses.

    Sniperguy charges at the next juvie, and misses his charge, but shouts "I'M SORRY I'M SORRY"
    The Juvie stumbles, and fails to snab Sniperguy in response.

    Lazerbeard attacks the Orlock again, with an all out attack and rolls 51, hitting (All out attacks are cool I guess).
    The Orlock misses the dodge, and Lazerbeard does 1d10 5+3=8 damage.

    The Orlock swings back, missing.

    SniperGuy swings at the Juvie, shouting "GO TO SLEEP, LITTLE CHILD" missing, at 73.
    The Juvie hits, but Sniperguy rolls 2 on a 1d100 agility test, and dodges out of the way.

    Lazerbeard swings at the Orlock, and misses.
    The Orlock drops his knife, whiffing his attack.

    Sniperguy attacks the Juvie, a 14/100. He does 1d10+1 for 4+1=5 damage, hitting him in the chest.
    The Juvie is freaked out, pulls out his Lasgun and tries to hit Sniperguy, but misses.

    Lazerbeard attacks the Orlock, and misses.
    The Orlock pulls out his Stub Automatic because he dropped his knife, and misses.

    Sniperguy tries to intimidate the Juvie. He fails.
    Sniperguy swings his brick at the Juvie, rolling 1d100 = 17. The Juvie fails to dodge. Sniperguy "WHY, WHY! I ONLY HIT HIM! I AM UNWILLINGLY BEATING A CHILD INTO SUBMISSION"
    Sniperguy rolls 1d10+1 = 6+1=7 damage, in the right leg.
    The Juvie is knocked out.

    Lazerbeard misses his attack on the last Orlock.
    Lazerbeard needs to make a dodge, or he will get hit by a Stubb Automatic shot to the gut. Lazerbeard rolls 84, and misses the dodge.
    The Orlock nails Lazerbeard in the head for 10 damage. He's got 3 wounds left, he's still alive and standing though.

    Sniperguy rushes at the last Orlock with his brick, and hits with a 1d100=36. Sniperguy hits, 1d10+1 = 3+1=4. Sniperguy hits him in the body with his brick, putting him into the critical table.

    GOTTA SPLIT IT IN HALF, 1400 characters long

  • Xieflow2Xieflow2 Registered User regular
    Sniperguy "I'm keeping this Brick. This is my favorite Brick. This is going into my backpack."

    KoolEagle "You knocked the wind out of him, knocking him out, you didn't do much."

    Lazerbeard "I take his gun, I shoot him in the face."
    Sniperguy "Uhhhhhh"
    Lazerbeard "Because he fucking shot me in the face."
    Sniperguy "While he's doing that, I'm taking the Laspistols from these children. I'm keeping one in my pack, and one in my holster."

    The Orlock's head bursts, into brains and gore. Lazerbeard has to not take a pentalty next round (this is the end of combat so whatever) to avoid taking a to-hit penalty.

    Lazerbeard is critcally wounded, and needs to recover before more combat.

    A Goliath walks out of the alley "Well done boys, that went better than I thought. Kudos on the kill there." He hands Lazerbeard a stim to help with his pain right now, and gives him a dataslate saying "This is where our base is, come by some time."

    Lazerbeard takes the stub automatic of the guy he killed.

    The Goliath says "Don't worry about these guys, we'll take care of them."

    Most of the looted weapons are poor quality, and won't hold out very long, one Laspistol is fine.


    I ask KoolEagle "Can I make these guys cool future eyes that also can explode and live stream to us?"

    KoolEagle says I'm good at repairing things, but not making things.

    I ask "Can I do some Tech Priest bullshit, how well do they know?"
    KoolEagle says "Whatever you can Role Play"

    We walk out of the bar.

    Two Goliaths see our bandanas, and start walking towards us. The Gerbil just busts out his Lasgun, and shoots them. WAIT HE HAS ANOTHER PLAN WE CAN USE RP.

    The Goliath walks up to us "Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

    The Gerbil "We're walking. This way."

    The Goliath "That's strange, you might be on our turf, here."

    I say "Yeah, these guys in the bar said if we wore these bandanas they would buy us drinks"
    The Gerbil says "Yeah, we love free drinks."

    The Goliath says to the Goliath Juvie "Go check it out."
    The Gerbil says "Oh, they left a while ago."

    The Goliath says "Oh, you gotta pay the toll then."

    I try to pawn off a live grenade as something of value. I fail a roll, 56 on 1d100

    The Goliath says "What are you trying to do? Give me a live grenade or something?"

    The Gerbil says "What are we? Idiots? Why would we give you a live grenade?"

    The Gerbil rolls to try and pass off the grenade, and rolls a 1d100=100 to see if we actually gave him a live grenade. We didn't, we gave him a safe one and walk off.

    Alright, it's 1 AM KoolEagle's time. It's time to call it quits for today.

  • TheKoolEagleTheKoolEagle Registered User regular
    I think its going well, although I am still missing some rules like righteous attacks or whatever it is, where you can make continuous attacks if you roll well. Also it appears my npcs can't melee for shit, but can shoot someone in their face. I really thought the ganger was going to kill lazerbeard for a second.

    The story is going much slower than anticipated though haha, but thats okay, it means the non-combat bits are actually getting far more roleplay than I thought and I am enjoying it.

    uNMAGLm.png Mon-Fri 8:30 PM CST - 11:30 PM CST
  • Xieflow2Xieflow2 Registered User regular
    Yeah, it's a ton of fun, and I like how the group is solving the investigation through a combat heavy half and a role playing heavy half. Normally splitting a group like this can work poorly from a gameplay flow perspective, but so far it's worked pretty well, letting us have a change of pace from combat to role playing.

  • Xieflow2Xieflow2 Registered User regular

    Lazerbeard was injured badly last session, and in the interest of time, we've skipped forward a few weeks. We've been doing odd jobs for both gangs, and Lazerbeard is fully recovered now.

    Our objective, if you've forgotten, is we are looking for signs of Chaos.

    Sniperguy asks "Have we seen anything Chaos related in this time?"
    KoolEagle "Nope"
    KoolEagle reminds us we haven't contacted home base in a while.

    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard are sitting on a bench somewhere in secret, talking to each other.
    Sniperguy asks "What should we do?"
    Lazerbeard "My plan was to go find the plant, the undercover cop."
    Sniperguy "That's a good plan, I'm on board. Lets do it."
    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard only have her picture, her name, and her habblock, which is not enough to find more info.

    I suggest "We've been on this mission 3 weeks, we haven't seen any Chaos, it's probably safe let's just go tell them it's good."
    Of course I'm not serious, because why would we even be on this mission in a role playing game if there was no chaos, it would be dumb, so we know we'll eventually find something.

    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard decide to go to the tavern and hang out for a while to see if they hear anything.
    They don't get any information. The bar is neutral.

    Lazerbeard (who has the inquiry skill) shows the barkeep the picture of the informant on his dataslate, and slips the bartender some money. Lazerbeard rolls a 100, and critically fails.
    The bartender spills some beer on the tablet, shorting it out.
    Lazerbeard rolls an inquiry check again, this time 49, which is not enough.
    The bartender has no information.

    Sniperguy leaves the bartender a tip, telling him that if he sees me and Gerbil to meet us for a "fight" somewhere later.

    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard head back to their gang to look for info.
    When they get there, they see Fierio, their gang leader, talking angrily to his leuitenants.
    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard approach him, and Lazerbeard says "Sup?"
    Fierio says in a Macho-Man-Randy-Savage-esque voice "Who are you then?"
    Sniperguy replies "We are the team known as 'The Brickhouse', your most trusted recruits. What do you need us to do boss?"
    Fierio "Oh, so we do have some volunteers. How come none of my leuitenants wouldn't do this work?"
    Fierio "I have an artifact I need to get back, it was stolen from me a few nights ago. The problem is the thieves made off to the wasteland."
    Lazerbeard asks "What does this artifact look like?" He rolls an 88 on an inquiry test, and fails.
    Fierio says "A little golden statue. You'll know it when we see it?"
    Sniperguy said "You said it's an artifact. We don't want to blow it up, what does it do?"
    Fierio says "If you destroy this, I will break every bone in your body."
    Sniperguy "I don't want to blow it up, that's why I'm asking, what's up with it?"
    Lazerbeard "Why do you care about this artifact?"
    Fierio "That's none of your business!"
    Lazerbeard "How big is it?"
    Fierio "Like 10 inches tall."
    Lazerbeard "Is there anything dinstinctive about it? How do we know it's your statue?"
    Sniperguy "Boss is talking... shhhhhhh"
    Fierio "I know that the thieves hide out in this section of the wasteland. The rest of my crew is too pussy to get out there. Why don't you head out there and prove the Goliaths aren't too pussy to get out there?"
    Sniperguy "If we come back, we get one of their jobs, right?"
    Fierio says "We'll see how well you survive first."

    Lazerbeard and Sniperguy leave.
    Sniperguy has replaced his dataslate, but he's lost the picture of the informant.

    Lazerbeard to Sniperguy "This is perfect. If this artifact is chaos, we can leave, and get this whole habblock cleared out."


    Now it's me (Xieflow) and Gerbil.

    We have only seen basic gang stuff, nothing heresy related.

    We report in on our databad, so they know we're still alive and looking.

    I think we should go report to the Orlocks, tell them we want to go deeper, we're not satisfied, we want something more.

    We're talking to a Leuitenant for the Orlocks, looking for extra work. He says "Look, I just heard about this great deal on some black market goods. Issue is they are out in the wastelands. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the wastelands yet in the hive, but not a lot of people come back from those."
    I am reluctant, the Leuitenant says "Look man, we're talking about tens of thousands of gelt here. It would make you, and me, very rich men."
    Gerbil "What are we talking about out there?"
    Leuitenant "Psykers, mutants, it's where people go to die."
    Gerbil "So what is out there?"
    Leuitenant "I'm not sure what's out there, but here's the coordinates for a mutant gang that's been stealing and hording items."
    Gerbil "Alright, we can take a look."
    I whisper to Gerbil "We're gonna go do this, but why is he just sending us out with coordinates? That's suspscious"
    Gerbil does an inquiry check for more info... and rolls a 94, getting us nothing.
    He says "Look, you're not important enough to know all the details here, I just need some extra muscle for this."
    Gerbil "Is anyone coming with us, or just us two?"
    Leuitanent "Oh, I'm coming too."
    Gerbil "Lets go!"

    Lazerbeard OOC "Oooo, you're going to the wastelands too?"
    Me "Yeah, this is going to be some complicated roleplaying when we meet up."


    Before we went on this mission, Gerbil and I touched base with Lazerbeard and Sniperguy. We went to the bar, the bartender had us meet up with Sniperguy and Lazerbeard. We all decided to go out to the ancient ruins at the same time.


    Lazerbeard and Sniperguy are in the ancient ruins on the north side. Gerbil, me, and the Orlock Leuitanent are on the south side.
    Lazerbeard and Sniperguy arrived 4 hours earlier.

    The wasteland is a couple of shacks, and a lot of garbage strewn about. Everything visible is shut tight.

    Sniperguy "Alright, Lazerbeard, you're the better shot. I'm thinking you'll hide in one of the piles of refuse, and I'll look around. If I signal you, you can jump up and take a shot and ambush them."
    Lazerbeard hides in the middle of the map, in a pile of refuse.
    Sniperguy goes to enter the northern most building, the largest. The moment he touches the door, the world starts shaking, and we go to map "Fight 2".
    All the colors in the world changed in the area, everything looks alien in the area. (Gerbil and I aren't there yet, it's just Lazerbeard and Sniperguy).
    Sniperguy "Do we hear anything?" and rolls 51 on a perception test. He doesn't see anything, and he doesn't hear anything.
    Sniperguy "Lazerbeard", I say quietly "Do you hear anything?"
    Sniperguy hears scuttling in the building when he says that, due to his voice.
    Sniperguy backs up behind some cover, and waits to see if anything happens.
    He very quietly walks over to the southwestern building, and taps against the door with his brick, quietly.
    Something slams against the door, loudly. Sniperguy retreats behind cover.
    Sniperguy asks Lazerbeard "Did you hear anything?"
    Lazerbeard "No."
    Sniperguy "There's scuttling in the building up north, and something loud to the south."
    Lazerbeard heads to the southwest building, and the door swings open. He sees two Warp Demons.
    Lazerbeard "All they have is claws and teeth!"
    Sniperguy rolls 8 for initiative, and 92 for his fear test. He's afraid.
    Lazerbeard rolls 35 for his fear test, and still fails. Well, he didn't pass, but he wasn't taken by fear.

    Panic grips Sniperguy.

    Sniperguy gained some insanity points. 1d5, so 3 insanity points.

    Lazerbeard rolls for initiative, 1d10 + 2. 9+2 = 11.

    Lazerbeard goes first, then warp demons, then sniper guy.

    Lazerbeard lines up his shotgun on a warp demon, rolls 1d100 = 15. Blasts for 3d10 + 4, 19+4 = 23 damage to the chest.

    The warp demon explodes.

    The surviving demon runs out and attacks Lazerbeard, and he hits. He rolls a 99 on a dodge check, and he falls flat on his face trying to dodge, while the demon punches him in the stomach.
    The demon hits Lazerbeard for 5 wounds. He has 8 wounds yet.

    Sniperguy is up next. He's far away from the fight, and the demon is in melee with Lazerbeard, making any shots risky. Sniperguy moves forward, takes cover, and begins aiming.

    Lazerbeard is up, and he takes a shotgun blast. He rolls a 1d100 = 23 and hits for one degree of success for 2d10 + 4 = 15 damage.

    This warp demon dies.

    As he kills that warp demon, Lazerbeard and Sniperguy hear other doors opening.

    Lazerbeard "The good news is, we know there's Chaos."

    Four warp demons come out of the south eastern building, and 6 demons come out of the north eastern building.

    Gerbil and I hear some fighting, and saw a bubble around the area of dark mist, and our Leuitenant is like "What is that?"

    slightly OOC, Lazerbeard wonders "Should we just leave now? We know there's Chaos?"
    I mention "Warp demons can probably outrun everyone."

    Gerbil rolls 1d10+3=4 for initiative, I roll 1d10+3=10 initiative.

    Gerbil, the Leuitenant, and I get a surprise round, and then it will resume with Sniperguy.

    The Orlock Lieutenant shouts "WHAT TEH HELL IS GOING ON HERE ESE?"

    The Orlock passes the fear test. Gerbil rolls 46 (against 28 willpower), I roll 10.

    Gerbil is reeling with shock, and backs away. He gains one sanity point, but he can't advance.

    I run forward, hide behind some debris, and shout to the Lieutenant "Holy shit, look at those monsters, let's destroy them!"

    Gerbil runs forward and hides near Sniperguy.

    Sniperguy attempts to throw a grenade in front of the block of six warp demons. Sniperguy rolls a strength test, 53, with a strength of 26. Sniperguy burns a fate point so the grenade doesn't land close to himself... and he rolls a 97, which is worse, so he takes the first.
    Kooleagle plays the DM card of "Well, I don't actually want you to die yet... so you hit four of them and not yourself."
    The grenade hits for 2d10 4 times. 19, 13, 11, 15.
    The grenade kills three of them, and heavily wounds another.

    The Orlock Leuitenant tries to shoot demon 2 with his stub gun, 1d100 = 24, and he hits for 11 damage, heavily wounding it.

    Lazerbeard is up next, and his shotgun needs to be reloaded. He has rapid reload, so it takes him one full turn to reload.

    I take a shot with my Las Carbine, and roll a 57, and miss, hitting the side of the building.
    I take a second shot, and roll a 13, hitting, for 1d10+2 = 10 damage, wounding the warp demon.

    The three badly wounded warp demons surround the Orlock Leuitenant, who is screaming in fear now.
    Two attacks land, instantly killing him.

    The other four warp demons run for Lazerbeard, and they can't quite get to him.

    Gerbil shoots, and rolls 1d100=3, hitting a warp demon for 1d10+3=9 damage, hurting it but not killing it. He shout curses in the name of the Emperor at them.

    Lazerbeard is up. He takes a shotgun shot, and hits with a 1d100=45 for 1d10+4=10 damage on Warp Demon 6. He then runs into the small building in a space so only one demon can come at him at once.

    I'm up next. I take a shot at Warp Demon 2, and hit with a 1d100=6. I hit for 1d10+2 = 4 damage, killing Warp Demon 2.
    I take a shot at WarpDemon 12 for 1d100=56, missing.

    The Warp Demons are up next. 12 runs to me, getting in close range. 11 runs to Sniperguy, getting in close range. 5 and 7 run to Lazerbeard, 5 tries to attack Lazerbeard but misses.

    We found out I couldn't shoot twice normally in combat, but it's fine because I missed every time.

    Sniperguy attacks the demon next to him with his stub revolver for 1d100 = 3, hitting, for 1d10+2=12 damage, destroying the demon.

    Gerbil is up next. He walks farther away, and takes a shot at Demon 7, a full health Demon. He rolls 1d100=6 and hits, for 10+3=13, killing the demon.

    Lazerbeard is up, he takes a step back so he can use his shotgun. The Demon gets an attack of opportunity, but misses.
    Lazerbeard rolls with his shotgun for 1d100=53, hitting. He does 1d10+4=11 damage.

    I'm up next, I take a point blank shot at semi-auto for 1d100=21, at point blank this is +40, so I hit twice, rolling 2d10+4 for 13 damage, killing it.

    Now it's the Demon's turn. Demon 5 charges Lazerbeard and attempts to melee him, but misses.
    Each of the other two demons run up to Sniperguy and Gerbil.

    Sniperguy is next, and takes a shot at the demon next to him, hitting with a 1d100 = 20, for 1d10+2=10 damage, killing the demon.

    Gerbil takes a semi-auto shot point blank, rolling 97, missing, needing to check if he jams his weapon, rolling 1d100=25, not jamming.

    Lazerbeard is up, and he's out of shotgun shells. He rolls a 1d100=72, and misses.

    I take an aimed shot at the demon near Gerbil, rolling 1d100=57, and miss.

    The demon attacks Lazerbeard, and misses.
    The other demon attacks Gerbil, and hits. Gerbil tries to dodge, with a 1d100=51 and misses.
    The demon does no damage with his attack.

    Sniperguy is up next, and he charges at the demon near Gerbil, taking a shot, hoping for a flanking bonus. He rolls 1d100=99.

    Gerbil pulls out his hammer, attacking for 1d100=25, hitting for for 1d10+1=8 damage, killing the demon.

    Lazerbeard is up, and swings his club in an all out attack on the last remaining demon. He just misses for 1d100=54. He uses a fate point, and re-rolls for 1d100=20. Lazerbeard does 1d10=6 damage, killing the last demon.

    Sniperguy tells us about the golden statue, and starts to look for one.

    We begin discussing if we should go look for the artifact, or just return with what we have so far. We take pictures of the dead demon with our DataPads, and save them to the cloud so drinks can't be spilled on them.

    Sniperguy peeks into the big building, and sees the statue. It looks like the Mani Mani statue from Earthbound, which explains why we are in Moonside right now.


    We're now trying to figure out if we can safely bring the statue back, or if we should just leave and report.

    We're pretty bad agents of the Inquisition, we don't actually know what to do when we encounter Chaos.

    I point out that, if the Goliath had a ManiMani statue in their ownership, then the bigger problem is where they got it in the first place.
    Gerbil says: Destroy this statue, we report in, and leave.
    Lazerbeard says: We dig deeper, and find out where they got this Chaos statue from.
    While we argue, Sniperguy walks to the edge of a bubble, and throws a rock, it bounces off.
    Lazerbeard "So we're trapped."

    So we need to destroy the statue. I'm charging up one of Gerbil's power packs, and we're gonna throw it at the statue.

    Lazerbeard explores the last building. It's a makeshift house, with some bunks in it, for 12 beds.

    Sniperguy: "The mutants we fought were the people who used to live here. Now we know they didn't come through the warp, they warped people here. We need to get out of here quickly."

    I charge up the power pack, Gerbil throws it at the statue. We hear an explosion from inside the building, and suddenly the warp goes away, and everything is back to normal.

    The corpses on the ground now look like normal humans. The picture on the datapad shows normal humans.

    Now we're discussing if we should report in that there was chaos, nuke the whole hab block, or Lazerbeard's idea to question the Goliaths for where they got the artifact.

    I bring up the OOC reason to turn in the quest that, it's late, it's 11 PM west coast time, let's just turn in the quest and phone home from our ship.

    We are back at the ship, we establish communication with the inquisitor.

    Sniperguy uploads pictures of the statue and says "Inquisitor, we found evidence of Chaos, and we've found people who had links to Chaos. We've destroyed the Chaos artifact, what do you want to do next?"
    Inquisitor: "Do we know where that statue came from? Do we know how they got it?"
    Sniperguy "No, we came to you immediately after we destroyed it."
    Inquisitor "As part of the inquisition, we need to find where the artifacts of chaos come from, so go figure it out."

    We all got 300 experience for the last two sessions.

    TO BE CONTINUED.........

  • TheKoolEagleTheKoolEagle Registered User regular
    very excited we got to play that fight, I've been patiently waiting to reveal the mani mani statue, I wanted to have the acolytes wake up in the back of the bar, but decided that would have been too much earthbound.

    uNMAGLm.png Mon-Fri 8:30 PM CST - 11:30 PM CST
  • Xieflow2Xieflow2 Registered User regular

    Kooleagle is GM

    The four of us are on a transport ship, helping transport cargo for our Inquisitor. This is a civilian cargo ship, and this is a secret job.

    We have been on the ship for 3-4 weeks, we are nearing the end of our journey, and still traveling through the warp.

    The ship is big enough to support 2,000 to 3,000 people.

    Kooleagle asks us what we are going to do.

    I stay in my quarters and worship the machine gods.
    Poundage masterbates furiously in his quarters.
    Sniperguy checks his logs and information to see the state of things.

    We don't know what we are bringing, it is sealed in a very large crate that needs constant power.

    This is a civilian ship, not a military ship. All walks of life for civilizans. Just a boring transport ship.

    Lazerbeard is going to go check on the object we are transporting. It is in a 10x10x10 crate.

    Poundage wants to plasma torch a hole in the crate, he's dying to know what's in it.

    Lazerbeard is guarding the box now. Sniperguy is monitoring systems.

    Sniperguy says Lazerbeard and I work in shifts to guard the box. Poundage is going to go look for heresy on the ship.

    Lazerbeard tells Poundage to go to a bar and look for information. There is no bar on the ship.

    Lazerbeard is an alcoholic, and he starts looking around the cargo hold for any booze to steal, and finds nothing.

    He's now watching the crate, but drunk.

    The ship gets hit with warp lightning, and shuts down for a moment, about 30 seconds.

    Lazerbeard makes a perception check, and rolls 88, so he does not notice anything different after the power went out.

    Our group is paged by the captain to the bridge immediately.

    The Captain greets us warmly. He knows we are with the inquisition, and does not want to get on our bad side. He mentions that the warp lightning might have done damage to the power suply in the cargo hold, and is concerned about our special cargo.

    Sniperguy "Why are you asking?"

    The Captain "I just want to make sure there is no danger to my crew or my ship if the power goes out to the package you are transporting"

    Suddenly we hear over the coms someone scream over someone telling us something is loose in the cargo hold.

    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard start guessing what it might be "It's probably just one tyrranid."

    The Captain starts scrambling to get security to the cargo hold when he overhears this.

    Sniperguy asks the Captain to put the cargo camera up on the view screen. We can see there are a couple people quite dead on the ship, blood in the cargo hold.

    Lazerbeard "Does it look like they were shot, or slashed?"

    Suddenly we catch a glimpse of something in the corner of the screen.

    Sniperguy needs to do an intelligence check, and recognizes it as an Eversor Assassin.

    He knows that the way they work is they stay in cryo stasis until something is uploaded in their brain to tell them their goal. This one has woken up too early.

    An Eversor Assassin is part of the Imperial Assassin's guild. They are roided up on drugs, and told to kill things when they are set loose.

    The crate has been burst through, and we can see there was obviously a cryocrypt in the crate.

    Lazerbeard asks if we know if there a safeword to shut down the assassin. Kooleagle says we do not know anything.

    Sniperguy asks if there is any way we can communicate with it. Kooleagle says it depends on their current state, and now drugged up they are. This one has obviously killed people, so we probably can't communicate much.

    Sniperguy asks if we can talk to the room from there. The Captain says yes we can.

    Sniperguy and Lazerbeard ask if we can just vent the cargo hold if we need to. We can if we absolutely have to.

    Lazerbeard asks how locked down the cargo hold is. It is reasonably locked down, but could not hold the assassin forever.

    Sniperguy says we can't share this information with the civilian nearby, the Captain.

    Sniperguy declares a state of emergency for the inquisition, and says "I am captain of this ship now."
    The Captain says "I can help me, just tell me what to do."
    Sniperguy "I'll tell you in a minute, but just stand outside that door."

    Sniperguy "This thing needs to get to its target planet. Right now it doesn't know what it is doing. They download stuff into its brain, and we don't know what its orders are."
    Sniperguy asks "Is there any way we can look up what its goal is?"
    Kooleagle says Xieflow can tap into the cryocrypt with Tech Priest powers, or we can get on the hyperwave to talk to the Inquisitor.
    We wonder if this has happened before. Kooleagle has us do an intelligence check with Imperial common lore, but none of us succeed.

    Sniperguy tries to reason with it over the com unit.

    Killing fuels the drugs of the assassin. If it runs out of drugs, it dies. It will want to keep killing things to stay alive.

    Sniperguy "Assassin, you awoke from your mission early. We are going to bring you some fodder to keep yourself alive. We are then going to fix your cryo. Wave at the camera if you understand."
    The assassin kills a civilian, and runs off the camera.

    Sniperguy asks what kind of tracking systems are on the ship, how well can we monitor the crew and the assassin, and can we just bring the cargo hold to cryo temperature?

    The captain says "We can only open the cargo door, which won't guarantee everything stays put, but will drop the temperature quickly. Because of the poower outage, our tracking systems are flaky"

    The navigation has an astral path, so we can communicate with the inquisitor to ask what the procedure is in this situation.

    Sniperguy asks the Captain if we can seal this room, and prevent the assassin from getting in this room.
    The Captain says "It's a blast door, so as long as he doesn't have any heavy firepower we are safe."

    Sniperguy says we are going to the navigation room to call home, and tells the Captain to lock down the bridge.

    Poundage asks how long until we are out of the warp. The Captain says roughly 8 hours on the ship, until we are out of warp.

    We run to the navigation chamber. The astropath greets us, and is aware that there is a problem on the ship. He can feel the assassin on the ship, because he is a psychic.

    Sniperguy asks if he can get ahold of someone?

    He says he can make a single call.

    Do we call the assassin's guild, or the inquisitor?

    The assassin's guild would have no reason to talk to us, so we call the Inquisitor.

    The Astropath dials up the inquisition's personal Astropath.

    We reach the Inquisitor, and he asks us what is the concern.

    Sniperguy says "There were some power disruptions, and the cargo has escaped. What do you advise?"


    Sniperguy "Are you there? Can you hear us?"

    Inquisitor "Yes, I can hear you."

    Sniperguy "There was a power disruption, the cargo has escaped."

    Inquisitor "Oh fuck. Can you contain it?"

    Lazerbeard "It's contained in the carg..."

    Sniperguy "It escaped the cargo hold."

    The Inquisitor "The assassin was headed for a planet with heavy heresy. Its orders were to kill everyone on the planet. It will kill everyone on the ship."

    Lazerbeard "Can we kill it?"

    The Inquisitor "If you can. I doubt it, this is an Eversor Assassin."

    Sniperguy "We have permission, to kill it, I guess."

    Lazerbeard "We should have blown out the cargo hold while we had a chance."

    The Inquisitor "That would not have helped, it has ways to get on board."

    Sniperguy "So what do we do?"

    The Inquisitor "I suggest you survive until you get out of the warp, and then use the escape pods to get off of the ship. Hold out until you are out of warp. Otherwise I guarantee everyone on the ship will be dead. You need to get out because I do not want you to die, but I do not want my assassin to die, either."

    Sniperguy "Is there anything we can do to put it to sleep?"

    The Inquisitor "My only thoughts are, if there are any doctors alive still, there might be some serums to sedate him, but that's the best you can do."

    Sniperguy "It's in the med bay."

    The Inquisitor "You're fucked then."

    Kooleagle now brings up the mission game rules: Every hour, we choose a new room, or stay in the current room. The assassin moves to a new room every hour. We have 8 turns to keep away from the assassin.

    The Astropath starts to struggle, and says "I'm sorry, I've lost the signal."

    Sniperguy "Alright, we reported, so that's good. I vote we go to the armory next."
    Lazerbeard "Or we go to the med bay, and by the time we get to the med bay he will have left the med bay."
    Sniperguy "Or he will still be there, and murder us all."
    Sniperguy "Let's go to the armory, and suit up."
    Xieflow "We might want to check engineering. His mission was to destroy a planet, and this is a ship. We don't know how we will respond."
    Sniperguy "We also have to assume he might want to blow up the ship to complete his mission in one quick step."

    During our arguing, we lose track of the assassin.

    Sniperguy "Captain, do you have visual on the assassin?"
    No reply.
    Either coms are down, or the assassin is in the bridge.

    We head to the med bay. We see carnage has struck this area. People dead everywhere, blood all over the walls. Organs and body parts everywhere.

    Lazerbeard "I think I know what he is doing. The captain is in the bridge, and has cameras to see everything on the ship. We can't reach the captain. If I was a super intelligence assassin, I would take control of a room that gave me vision of the whole ship to identify life."

    While the room is in full destruction, the camera is intact. Lazerbeard destroys the camera in the med bay.

    We start searching for knockout and helpful drugs. Poundage finds something he thinks might sedate the assassin if applied to him.

    Poundage "Is there a way we can make it airborn?"

    Kooleagle "You would have to ask Xieflow that"

    Xieflow senses that he would be able to apply that to a sector to the ship if he was in engineering.

    Xieflow can tap into the cameras anywhere on the ship, Xieflow makes an intelligence check to do so, and succeed.

    Xieflow does not see him in the bridge, Xieflow sees the Captain trying to contact us to let us know where he sees the assassin, but we can't hear anything.

    Sniperguy now wonders if the assassin can tap into the cameras, too. The assassin is highly intelligence, and can probably do it through a computer.

    Xieflow then tries and tap into the rest of the cameras to locate the assassin, and fail.

    We head to engineering after spending an hour in medbay.

    Xieflow hacks the computers in engineering to see where the assassin is. Xieflow succeeds, and we see the assassin in the cargo hold, and is clearly gearing up to head to the bridge.

    There is more squabbling on what to do next.

    Xieflow mentions "We know he is going to the bridge next. We are in engineering and can feed the drugs through the ventiliation to the bridge, and maybe knock it out for a while."

    Xieflow also mentions that we can try and trick him to go to the med bay or somewhere else than the bridge.

    We know he has been in the med bay, and in the cargo hold. We do not know where he was between there.

    Xieflow uses his free second look to view the armory. In the Armory, we we about a dozen people locked in the room with the blast door sealed.

    Lazerbeard shoots the camera in engineering.

    We gas the bridge.

    The eversor blasts into the bridge, and horribly murders the captain, while we pump the room with gas.

    The gas slows the eversor down, but does not knock him out.

    The eversor shoots the camera out in the bridge.

    Now we begin discussing where he might go next.

    Lazerbeard and Xieflow both point out that he is going to wonder why the cameras are out in engineering, and medbay.

    We move to the living quarters next. Everywhere around us looks just like the med bay. Hundreds of bodies everywhere, organs everywhere.

    Lazerbeard says "MORE LIKE THE DEADQUARTERS"

    We shoot out the camera in the living quarters.

    Xieflow tries to hack the computer to view the camera, and fails.

    We move to the nav room next. All of the astropaths are dead, except for one barely alive, struggling to navigate through the warp. There is a note on his face that says "I'm coming for you."

    This is good news. He left an astropath alive, which means he does not intend to strand the ship in the warp.

    Xieflow writes a note that says "Please don't, we're on your team." and puts it on the astropath's head below the other post it.

    Xieflow checks the cargo hold on the camera feed, and everything looks as it last was, which means he was probably not there since we last checked it out.

    We begin to discuss where to go next.

    We decide on the med bay. We hope we won't see the assassin because he won't think to look for us there, because we have no reason to be there.

    We notice the ship has another stutter in power. The dead around us begins to stand.

    We all cower for one turn.

    The zombies aren't trying to kill us, but they are wandering about.

    Xieflow tries to hack the cameras, and just barely fails. He then tries to kick over a zombie out of rage. His strength is 19, so he is very frail. He rolls a 17, and manages to kick over the zombie.

    We begin to discuss where to go next.

    Lazerbeard pulls out the symbol of the Inquisition and says "You work for us, we bought and paid for you."
    The assassin slowly raises his pistol.

    Lazerbeard throws a stimpack at us as we run out of the room. He takes a potshot at us, and misses.

    Everyone scattered running from the assassin. Xieflow and Sniperguy in med bay, Lazerbeard in Engineering, and Poundage in the armory.

    The assassin shows up in engineering, where Lazerbeard is.

    Poundage notices that the armory is all fucked up. The blast door was blast open, and there are bodies everywhere. Poundage looks around, and sees nothing he can use.

    Lazerbeard is able to hide, and the assassin leaves engineering.

    Lazerbeard slices the achiles tendon on all of the zombies in engineering to put them on the ground.

    Everyone all runs to engineering.

    We hear over the coms "I'm in navigation. I want to kill you."
    Sniperguy says "We serve the empire, if you kill the navigator you are a heretic."
    The assassin replies "You are the heretic, I serve the emperor."
    Sniperguy says "If you willingly give yourself to the warp and chaos, you are a heretic."
    The ship shudders.
    The assassin says "Did you feel that? I just cut off the navigator's hand."

    The zombies all on the ground grab us. Each of us have two zombies grabbing our ankles.

    Lazerbeard has the highest initiation, and goes first. He slices one of the zombies grabbing him in half, the other zombie tries to climb up his leg and fails.
    One of the zombies does four primitize damage to Sniperguy's right arm. Because he has armor, he blocks it all.
    Poundage takes one hit from a zombie, for three damage, but Poundage dodges out of the way.
    The zombies both miss Xieflow.
    Poundage fires his autogun at one of the zombies, and misses, with a 98 rolled.
    Xieflow swings his staff at the zombie, and rolls 100. He misses the zombie and hits the ground, shaking his hands so bad he drops the staff.
    Sniperguy shoots his stub revolver at one of the zombies on his legs. He nails the zombie in the head with a 4, and does 12 damage to the zombie, blowing its head apart.
    Lazerbeard misses a zombie with a roll of 97 for a shotgun shot.
    The zombies miss Lazerbeard and Sniperguy, and Poundage dodges his zombie, and the zombies miss Xieflow.
    Poundage blows apart a zombie, with an accuracy roll of 3 and damage of 12.
    Xieflow takes a shot at a zombie with his pistol, rolling 29 with weapons skill of 32, and does 9 damage, killing the zombie.
    Sniperguy misses his zombie.
    Lazerbeard reloads his shotgun.
    The zombie on Lazerbeard hits Lazerbeard in the left leg, dealing 8 damage, and giving him 5 wounds, bringing him down to 8 wounds remaining.
    Sniperguy's zombie misses.
    Xieflow's zombie hits. Xieflow barely misses a dodge, with a roll of 18, needing 17. The zombie does 5 damage, minus 3 for toughness, dealing 2 total.
    Poundage misses his zombie.
    Xieflow takes a shot at his second zombie with his pistol, killing it.
    Sniperguy barely hits his zombie. He rolls a 51 with a miss, but the DM was feeling nice and said it counted as a hit because it was attached to his leg. Sniperguy deals 4 damage, and it barely survives.
    Lazerbeard misses the remaining zombie on his leg.

    The Eversor Assassin has walked into the room now.

    The zombie on Poundage's leg deals six damage, minus his armor and toughness modifier, which blocks four, dealing two damage.

    Lazerbeard takes a shot at his zombie, getting a 51, which hits, killing the zombie.

    The ship creaked, as if we left warp.

    Lazerbeard runs into the escape pod.

    Poundage blows his remaining zombie apart, and runs away into the escape pod.

    Xieflow takes a shot at the zombie on Sniperguy's leg, and kills it, freeing Sniperguy. He runs into the escape pod and grabs his weapon he dropped earlier.

    Sniperguy runs to the escape pod, and drops a grenade behind himself.

    Sniperguy blows a hole in the hull in the hull, and needs to roll to avoid getting sucked out into the void. He rolls 54 and fails.

    Sniperguy uses a fate point to roll again, and gets 39.

    He fails again, but the DM feels bad killing Sniperguy for doing the dumbest thing ever.
    We didn't need to kill the assassin, in fact we got a bonus for not killing him. So dropping a grenade ONLY HURTS US AND PLAYS AGAINST US.
    The assassin was blown out into space, and died.

    Xieflow rolls a 1d100 to slap sniperguy. And fails with a 94. He misses, and starts coughing and wheezing out of breath.

    MISSION COMPLETE we made it off in the escape pod, alive.

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    i got scolded for not killing acolytes, guess i should probably be slightly harsher

    uNMAGLm.png Mon-Fri 8:30 PM CST - 11:30 PM CST
  • Xieflow2Xieflow2 Registered User regular
    Another session today. Yoshua, Gerbil, Sniperguy, and me were playing. Kooleagle was DM again.

    We're visiting an inhabited Space Hulk. Some acolytes made a distress call.

    Sniperguy hails them, and we get an all clear to dock up.

    We have to use a shuttle to get in.

    Lazerbeard talks to the secretary to figure out where to go next.

    Lazerbeard passes his fellowship roll, and she greets him warmly, and mentions that a squad from the inquisition has been out and about on this space hulk for several months, but she has not heard from them in a few weeks.

    Lazerbeard "Do you have any idea on what their mission was?"

    Secretary "I don't know, but they were based out of a local bar in the area."

    She shows up where the bar is, the Pain Relief.

    We head to the bar.

    When we walk in, a few people look up, and we see the bartender cleaning a glass. There are 6 people in the bar.

    Sniperguy does an awareness roll. He rolls poorly, and notices nothing.

    We're going to try out the secret rolls now, to make it more interesting

    Lazerbeard notices that one of the people is a young girl, too young to be in the bar.

    The minimum drinking age is 18, and this girl is too young.

    We see she has a drink, but we can't tell what it is.

    Sniperguy orders a drink, and talks to the bartender.

    The bartender is a short man with green eyes, and is wearing the current fashion, with a tablet computer strapped to his arm.

    Lazerbeard sits next to the girl, to see if she is drinking an alcoholic beverage.

    Xieflow is standing around conspiculously.

    Sniperguy orders a (cheap) round for the party, and asks the bartender who to talk to for local happening.

    The bartender says "That will be 20 credits. This is a pretty peaceful area, but I can answer any questions you have."
    Sniperguy pays him 23 credits.
    Sniperguy says "We're looking for another team that has come through before us."
    Bartender "Oh, we have The Hulkers! They're the finest spaceball team!"
    Sniperguy "No, not a spaceball team... a " *whispers* INSQUISITOR TEAM

    Sniperguy tries to get friendly with the bartender, and does a secret fellowship test.
    The bartender is kind of "I don't know... but... you have a real nice face. There's been a group that's been in this bar frequently, including that one over there" *he motions to the young girl*
    Sniperguy "What's with that girl?"
    Bartender "She's one of dem witches!"

    Sniperguy awkwardly thanks the bartender and walks off.

    It turns out the little girl is another player, Yoshua
    Yoshua "I'm assuming the inquisitor sent you?"
    Lazerbeard "That depends, did the inquisitor send you?"
    Yoshua puts his insignia on top of the table.
    Lazerbeard puts his insignia on top of the table.
    Lazerbeard "Then clearly we have the same employer"
    Lazerbeard "If you're here, then where is the rest of your team?"
    Yoshua "I was lead to believe *you* were the rest of my team."
    Gerbil "We were told there was an inquisitorial team here."
    Lazerbeard "There was supposed to be a team here for a few months."
    Yoshua "I was told they would meet me here, I have been waiting a while."
    Sniperguy "How long have you been on this space hulk?"
    Yoshua "I was born here."

    Catching up together montage.

    This inquisitorial squad came here to recruit Yoshua's character, but they never made contact in person. The squad is missing, and we know a dead man switch was sent to the inquisitor.

    Sniperguy "Do you have any enemies?"
    Yoshua "Nope."

    Lazerbeard "Then I guess... you're with us now."

    Sniperguy "When were you supposed to meet them in this bar? How long have you been in in this bar?"
    Yoshua "I've been staying here on the space hulk for the last few months. I check in here daily, and wait for my contact."
    Yoshua "I got the message a few weeks ago to meet the inquisitor's team here. I've been coming in every day for the last week or so."

    Xieflow says "We should ask the bartender when he last saw the inquisitor team."

    Sniperguy "I guess you can join us while we look for your real team"

    Sniperguy "Alright, where do you want to start? How should we start this down."

    Gerbil "He called you a witch. I know you're a psyker, but I need to kill witches, so clearly they don't like your type here, you might want to keep it secret."

    We have to figure out what happened to the original inquisitorial team, otherwise the inquisitor is probably going to kill us.

    Sniperguy "Yoshua, you've lived here your whole life, where should we look for information?"

    Xieflow asked the bartender on the way out of the bar, when he last saw the rest of the team. The bartender said "I haven't seen them in a while, but they normally come into the bar. Last I saw them is two days ago"
    The bartender also says "A lot of them like to wear red cloaks on their heads, so you might want to watch out for that."
    Xieflow thanks the bartender and we leave.

    Gerbil "Red cloaks? That sounds like heresy!"

    We're looking for leads now. We know the other other inquisitor squad wears red. None of us have forbidden knowledge to know any more information on that.

    Xieflow is going to find somewhere to jack into the computer system and look for information.

    Xieflow does not find any information on the internet that matches any code names of the inquisitors in the area.

    Everyone makes a perception check. Gerbil notices while he's walking to the Eschilary that he sees a red hooded cloaked figure. He dashes into the shadows when he sees Gerbils looking at him.
    He darted into an alleyway that looks like it goes to another ship on the space hulk. He makes note of it to the entire party, but does not follow by himself.

    We head to the police station, and Lazerbeard goes in to asks what is going on.

    Lazerbeard asks if they happen to have a surveilance system of any kind on the Space Hulk. The secretary says unfortunately they don't have anything like that, that technology is far too valuable to place everywhere on the colony.
    Lazerbeard says "We're been investigating a mysterious cult. Do you have any information on a gang who's signature is red cloaks"
    The secretary says "Unfortunately we have no information on that."
    Lazerbeard "What are the major gangs in the area?"
    Secretary "Nope, no problems here. This is a peaceful colony."
    Sniperguy "If you had to own a cape... what color would it be?"
    Secretary "I like purple."
    Sniperguy "Can we talk to someone who has power and isn't a secretary? No offense."
    Lazerbeard shows his police cop badge and says "We need to talk to the police chief."
    Secretary "Unfortunately he's in a meeting, I can't help you right now."
    Lazerbeard "Do you have any idea when he's going to be out?"
    Secretary "He's pretty booked."
    Lazerbeard shows the inquisitor badge "How about now?"
    Secretary "I can see, but I don't know." She buzzes the captain, and says an inquisitorial squad is here to talk to him.
    Chief buzzes back "I don't have time for that..... sigh... send them in."
    We enter the captain's quarters, and he says "Acolytes, what can I do for you?" in a very not happy voice.
    Lazerbeard "Hello."
    Chief "Hi."
    Lazerbeard "We have some questions about a former team, we would like to figure out where they might be, and any information you might have?"
    Chief "Did you talk to my secretary?"
    Lazerbeard "She has nothing. I was wondering if you had any information she doesn't."
    Chief "No. I haven't seen them in months. They stopped in once, I haven't seen them since."
    Yoshua "Can you tell us what they were doing here?"
    Chief "Same thing you are. Asking questions, and leaving."
    Gerbil "What were they looking for? Why where they here"
    Chief "They were looking for a little girl."
    Sniperguy "Chief, is your office recorded. Do you have the tapes? We're going to need those."
    Chief "I don't have that technology."
    Sniperguy "What sort of survelance do you keep in your own room?"
    The chief has nothing, he's just angry and flusters, and just passes out from anger.

    Xieflow quickly gets onto his computer to search for information. He goes through their records, and sees he has had contact with this group that knew an acolyte squad was coming.
    The group's name is "The Singed Sons"
    While Xieflow was looking in the records, he found a map to an area of the space hulk near where Gerbil saw the red cloak guy duck into.

    Now we're trying to figure out what to do with the police chief.

    While we try and figure out what to do, the chief wakes up, screams some obscenities, and passes out again.

    Lazerbeard "Hey psyker, can you see into his mind?"
    Yoshua "I'm sorry, that's not something I can do."
    Lazerbeard "What can you do?"
    Yoshua "I make people better."
    Lazerbeard "Make me better right now."
    Sniperguy "No, don't do that."

    Sniperguy takes a brick out of his backpack, and hits the police chief in the head with it. His hit succeeds. He hits for zero damage. Sniperguy hits him again, and caused a little bit of brain to pop out, but he's OK.
    Sniperguy "OK, we have proof that he's heretical, but we don't know who else is. So we're going to take him to the church with him tied up. If anyone asks why he's tied up, we're going to say that he had a seizure and this is in case he has another."

    Sniperguy makes a bullshit fellowship test for the secretary. Sniperguy fumbles his words, and the secretary does not believe a word he says, and his horrified that he is carrying out a bloody police chief.
    Secretary "WHAT DID YOU DO?"
    Sniperguy "I don't know. He fell over. I don't know. Come with us?"
    The secretary screams.
    Lazerbeard punches the secretary.
    Sniperguy hits her with the brick.
    Sniperguy misses with the brick, and it goes flying into the chief's office, and we hear glass break.
    Lazerbeard nails her in the face.
    Sniperguy yells "Oh my god, he's seizing again!"
    Lazerbeard breaks her jaw, and she passes out. He hit her as hard as Sniperguy's brick hit the chief. Lazerbeard has fists of bricks.
    Lazerbeard grabs her and throws her on his shoulder.
    Lazerbeard "What is the deal with all these seizures today?"

    Sniperguy ties them together with a single 15' rope.

    We hurredly and as secretly as possible get these two to the Ecclesiarchy.

    Gerbil finds who is in charge in the church, and says "This is a heretic."
    The chaplain is nodding with his arms crossed "Is this the police chief?"
    Gerbil "This is who we were told is the police chief."
    The chaplain puts a cigar in his mouth, takes out his gun and shoots the chief in the head.
    Lazerbeard "We're not entirely sure, but we think the secretary might be in on it."
    Sniperguy "We need information from this one, so don't kill it"
    Lazerbeard "Do you have a torturetorium in this facility?"
    Chaplain "Of course, let me show you the way."

    We're strapping the secretary into a torture device.

    Gerbil "First, we should fix her jaw so she can talk."
    Lazerbeard "Yoshua, you can do that, fix her jaw"
    Yoshua tries, but fails.

    OOC : KoolEagle "You know you're not in combat, you can just use first aid"
    OOC : Lazerbeard "I want to see if she's any good"

    Yoshua tries again. This time it works. Some of the damage has gone away, but her jaw is still broken.

    Gerbil "I really need to know about this heresy"
    Secretary (with dislocated jaw) "Uhfowhefohhhla"
    Sniperguy tries to relocate her jaw back into place. He snaps her jaw off.
    Sniperguy "This will get worse if you don't tell us about the heresy. Do you know anything of the heresy?"
    The secretary is crying, and shakes her head.
    Sniperguy "Who is the corpse of the dude in the other room?"
    The chaplain interjects, after taking a puff from his cigar "Why don't you leave her with me? I'm sure I can get information out of her"
    Gerbil explains to the chaplain what we are looking for.

    He's intrigued when Gerbil mentions the red cloaks "Oh, you mean the acolytes?"
    Gerbil "What acolytes?"
    The chaplain says "The acolytes of the inquisition"
    Chaplain "they are all over town."
    Gerbil "They went dark two months ago, we are looking for them. A dead switch was flipped, something is fishy and we need to find out what's going on."
    Lazerbeard leans in and says "They've gone rogue."
    The chaplain is overwhelmed by the alcohol on lazerbeard's breath.
    The chaplain seems distressed at this information, and says "I know they've been based out of another ship on this space hulk to route out possible heresy."
    Gerbil "Do you know anything about the Singed Sons?"
    The chaplain "No, I know nothing of that."
    Xieflow shows him the map
    Chaplain "Yep, that is where the acolytes are based out of."
    Lazerbeard "how far away is that?"
    Chaplain "About a day's travel."

    Sniperguy left his brick in the police station.

    We do a day montage travel to the other ship. To the "Montage" song.

    We're now on the "Suspicious cargo ship"
    Sniperguy draws his laz pistol.

    Lazerbeard walks up the door, he notices it is locked.

    Xieflow tries to hack the door, and messes up. A notification screen pops up "You have 4 of 5 attempts remaining. After that a password reset will be sent to you via e-mail."
    Xieflow tries again, and it fails again.

    Before we waste the rest of our checks, we all do intelligence checks to see if we can figure out how to get in.

    Gerbil recalls that the e-mail he received from the chief is from the singedsuns, and recommends that we try their name.

    Xieflow tries logging in with the "singedsons" password, and the door slowly opens.

    We begin to move down the hallway. Yoshua tries to cast inspiring aura... a violent ripple of dischord causes everyone near Yoshua to become frenzied for a round and gain a corruption point.
    The aura still goes off.

    The frenzy makes us all angry and beefed up and dumb for a round, but there are no enemies in view to freak out on.

    Sniperguy charges forward, into view of a hallway.
    A plaguebearer is at the end of the hallway, and looks up at Sniperguy.


    Plaguebearer first, then all acolytes.

    Everyone is fine, because of Yoshua's aura to prevent fear.

    The plaguebearer charges at us.

    Sniperguy takes a shot at it, and nails it, dealing 9 damage, causing 4 wounds.

    The rest of us move into position and ready our weapons.

    The plaguebearer rushes at us.

    Lazerbeard goes into overwatch in case he gets closer.

    Gerbil takes a burst shot, and rolls a 3 for accuracy and gets 4 degrees of success for three shots. Only one shot does damage, and does 6 wounds.

    The plaguebearer is bleeding pretty heavily.

    Xieflow takes a shot and barely misses.

    Sniperguy aims, and takes a shot, and misses wildly.

    Plaguebearer rushes forward, and Lazerbeard's overwatch triggers... and he misses.

    Yoshua's overwatch triggers, at minus 20 because Gerbil is in his line of sight. He takes a shot, and misses.

    The Plaguebearer charges Gerbil, and Gerbil dodges with a roll of 3.

    Gerbil readies his hammer and slams it into the plaguebearer, but he misses.

    Lazerbeard rams his shotgun into the ass of the plaguebearer, but misses.

    Sniperguy takes a shot, and misses. He uses a fate point to reroll, and hits it. He hits for 4, which is not enough to do damage. He burns another fate point, for a hit of 8, and does 3 wounds.

    I take a shot, and miss. I use a fate point to re-roll, and hit. I hit for 6 and 6, and deal a total of two damage.

    Yoshua takes a shot and misses.

    The plaguebearer takes a swing at Gerbil, and misses.

    The plaguebearer vomits on Sniperguy. Sniperguy attempts to dodge, and is unable to.
    Sniperguy is taking base 14 wounds, he has 2 armor on his arm where he was hit, a toughness of 30, so he takes 9 wounds.

    Sniperguy takes a shot, and hits the Plaguebearer in the left leg. The plaguebearer does not dodge, and takes 4 more damage.

    Gerbil takes a swing of his hammer, and barely hits the plaguebearer in the arm, killing the demon with critical damage and knocking its arm off.

    Yoshua starts healing Sniperguy now that the battle is over.

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    So, @Sniperguy managed to get his arm puked on and is now infected. The dilemma is that there are no rules in the book to say what 'infected' means.

    I am open to suggestions.

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    Fairly certain an infection basically causes you to die in 1d10 days without medical attention, but I'll have to look that up to be sure. You'd find it in a sentence under Amputated Limbs in the Injuries section.

    At the same time, it was never really elaborated on and seems pretty harsh. I'd entitle a player to a Toughness test or add their Toughness Bonus to the d10 roll and hope they find a chirurgeon quick.

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