Secret Sandman 2012 - Make others' dreams come true

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You find yourself in a grand feasting hall. The table under your palms stretches seemingly into infinity, and you see several more like it around the room. Seated at these tables alongside you are people of every shape, color, and dress. Tiny monster scurry between the tables, carrying bottles, clean and dirty plates, and trays loaded with food. Your gaze is drawn to an elevated, ornate chair, nearly a throne. Seated upon it is a pale figure dressed in black. His hair is raven, and pinpoints of light shine from his sockets, stars in the night. He rises and speaks.


"Once a year, in wintertime, it falls upon mortals to make the dreams of others come true. You who are invited here tonight will be given the chance to do this for your fellow Graphic Violence posters. Lucien."

A thin, bookish man with a shock of hair sticking up from his head steps to the front of the room. He reads from a book that he holds in front of him.

"Let those who are interested and willing to participate in the gift exchange announce themselves in this thread before November 17th, and send a new forum message directly to my lord Secret Sandman with your name and address. Soon after that deadline, every participant will receive a message with another participant's name and address; it will be your task to select a present for that person, and to send it to them by December 31st.

"The traditional guideline for presents is this: a trade paperback, or something of equivalent value. If you wish to give more, you are more than welcome to do so. Some people may prefer gifts in other forms: digital comics, action-figures, or perhaps comic-themed clothing. If this is true for you, please let it be known. It is also advised that you post a list of what comics you already have, that your gift-giver doesn't accidentally send you a duplicate.

"This post will be updated with the latest information. Refer to it if you have any questions."

The thin man closes his books and steps back. The dark man on the throne looks off to the side and waves his hand. You open your eyes and find yourself at home, in bed, the thin man's words still in your ears.

CURRENT DEADLINE: November 17th - Say in this thread whether or not you're participating in the gift exchange; if you are, send a forum message to "Secret Sandman" with your (real) name and address.

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