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[PA CONTEST] Dragon Clash – A Card Game Of Strategic Dragon Combat!

ThulThul Registered User
edited November 2012 in Critical Failures
MODS: Tube has granted me permission to re-post this here (originally posted in the indie games forums)


About Dragon Clash

Dragon Clash ( is the exciting card game of strategic dragon combat. Within each deck you control a mighty beast of legend, raising a dragon from hatchling to elder wyrm. Train it in a variety of deadly attacks and bless it with powerful gifts. Battle your friends and unleash your dragon’s fury, feast on their hoard, and capture the treasured dragon egg to complete your conquest! Each Dragon Clash Game Deck is complete and ready-to-play, featuring a unique dragon and style, belonging to one of four elemental breeds. Can you master the explosive red dragons, the crafty blues, the magical silvers, and the unstoppable browns? Victory lies in your claw!

Dragon Clash is set in a war-torn, modern-day world. After suffering centuries of war, pollution, and neglect, the dying spirit of Earth, known as Gaia, has called out to her last defenders in a desperate plea for life. Those defenders are dragons, each born from the destruction wrought by the human race and bound to the elemental weaves of Gaia. A savage red dragon may rise from nuclear fire, a shifty blue from the oil soaked oceans, a mad silver from the smog-filled skies, and a hungry brown dragon from the poisoned ground of a toxic waste dump.

Dragon Clash is designed by indie developer Marc Aranha, through WarSpider Entertainment, LLC, and is published through The Game Crafter.


Dragon Clash Reviewed

Since its release, Dragon Clash has garnered excellent reviews. gave Dragon Clash 5 out of 5 stars, saying, "I simply adore Dragon Clash. It feels like a collectible card game without the need for me to spend my little geeks’ college fund to support it, provides an entertaining challenge, and each deck requires the players to approach the game differently, while never upsetting the balance of the game itself. The game plays quickly, intelligently, and gives the players a lot of room to explore and make their own choices without ever feeling confined by rules. The game also gives the players enough time to grow their dragons (which is a lot of fun) and change their tactics as needed to react to their opponent’s choices. The end result is a game that is a great deal of fun to play, evolves as the game play continues, and feels very satisfying, win or lose. Do play Dragon Clash the first chance you get!"

dragon-clash-08.jpg gave Dragon Clash a 9 out of 10 who said, "Dragon Clash is a fascinating duel of two dragons. Everything you have ever imagined, that could happen in such a battle, can be done here. In addition, your dragons will grow and you will train them in many different skills. Every time, your dragon will be a little bit different. Dragon Clash is a game, that is obligation to buy not only for dragon fans, but also for lovers of exciting two-player games."

dragon-clash-13.jpg gave Dragon Clash 4 out of 5 stars, saying, "Dragon Clash also has a lot of variables both physically and on the card, so much so that it's more a tactical game than a card game. But for players who want to really get into the feel of playing a dragon, Dragon Clash offers the in-your-face combat and breath-blasting thrills of draconic warfare at its most brutal."

Penny Arcade Contest!

We'd like to welcome Penny Arcade members to the Dragon Clash community by giving away two copies of our Rivals Pack 1. This Rivals Pack includes both the Red Breather and Blue Adept decks and is all you need to play a match with a friend.

To enter, submit answers to the following questions via our Contact Page and INCLUDE YOUR PENNY ARCADE FORUM HANDLE:

(all answers are freely available in the information and articles on
  1. Which determines the amount of cards you regain during the Regain Essence phase?
    • Magic
    • Ability
    • Spirit
  2. How much essence does it cost to move from Close to Safe range?
    • 5
    • 3
    • 1
  3. How many Event cards can be in play at any one time?
    • 1
    • 2
    • No limit
  4. Which dragon has the Taunting Breath attack?
    • Blue Adept
    • Silver Channeler
    • Brown Mauler
    • Red Breather
  5. Which dragon prefers sleeping to fighting?
    • Blue Adept
    • Silver Channeler
    • Brown Mauler
    • Red Breather
  6. What do the dragons call the entity known as Oblivion?
    • Gaia
    • Blessed Mother
    • The Great Father
    • Lunch
  7. What age does a Red Breather reach the peak of its physical maturity?
    • Elder Wyrm
    • Elder Serpent
    • Childe
    • Young Wyrm
  8. Which Silver Channeler attack will help the dragon control range?
    • Lightning Storm
    • Wind Strike
    • Lightning Strike
    • Silence
  9. What determines how many instances of an attack you can have in play?
    • Tactics
    • Ability
    • Melee
    • Age
  10. What must a dragon use to Age?
    • An Egg
    • A Gift
    • A Hoard

Two random winners will be selected from the entries with the most correct answers! Winners will be contacted via a Penny Arcade private message. One entry per player. Contest ends on November 30th, 2012! Good luck and happy gaming!

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