Looking for a new monitor (also some help with a video card issue)

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Hey guys, so I'm in the market for a new monitor now that my 6 year old NEC 20wmgx2 has some (seemingly) permanent streaks on it. There's spots all over the front of it and no matter what LCD cleaner I use, as carefully as I use it, the spots won't come out. Problem is, it's pretty godlike monitor and nothing I've seen online seems to stack up to it. It's also a glossy display, which I know are in pretty short supply these days. If anyone can recommend me something equivalent or better, I'd be thankful. My price range is no more than $300 preferably, and size anywhere from 20"-23".

The other totally unrelated thing I'm seeking help with is a very weird problem with my 580gtx. It's been sometimes locking up my entire computer while playing games (sometimes it just locks up and then goes back to desktop, saying driver has stopped responding), sometimes the monitor won't even respond once I get into windows (forcing me to restart the PC, which then makes it respond). Over the summer it happened once, and then didn't happen at all for months, and then started happening again constantly until I changed the drivers. After that, it was fine for 5 days and then happened again. I sent it into a tech place, the guy said it's being cooled properly and all the parts are in place. I'm running the latest whql driver, also. At this point I'm convinced it has something to do with overheating, though the temps never get above 80 celsius since I set the fans at an increased curve in msi afterburner. None of this makes sense to me, since I was under the impression that overheating or dying card related issues usually have other symptoms associated with it. Since I can run games flawlessly for days or months at a time before a lock up happens, I figure the card is probably pretty healthy.

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