[PA Comic] Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - Dark Meat



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    GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    Yeah, when I worked at Toys R Us we had cops at the doors when they opened letting people in like 50 at a time. Which made it just manageable. In a way I felt sorrier for those cops than I did for myself, hardly what one dreams of when one picks a career in law enforcement.

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    KageraKagera Imitating the worst people. Since 2004Registered User regular
    Now with the trickle Black Friday where it starts in turkey day there really isn't a need for the same kind of security as when the doors all open at once for all the deals. Of course now I don't have a thanksgiving but really who wants to eat delicious food when they can work?

    My neck, my back, my FUPA and my crack.
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    SaraLunaSaraLuna Registered User regular
    Taramoor wrote: »
    Now I'm imagining fast food places with Black Friday deals. "McDonald's Doorbuster MADNESS! Eighteen Big Macs for $10! Only available between 1am and 3am! While supplies last!"

    Ten years ago when I worked at mcdonald's, we actually had 50 cent filet-o-fish or w/e from 5-8 monday nights once or twice a month. We were swamped every time.

    Now, a filet-o-fish is barely edible the moment you take it out of the fryer, and pretty gross 15 minutes later. We had people buying 40-50 at a time to take home and eat throughout the month.

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    TabooPhantasyTabooPhantasy Registered User regular
    I had this exact conversation almost word-for-word (there was no mention for food dehydrators) last year about this time when I found out the Old Navy in my mall was opening on Thanksgiving. I played the part of Gabe.
    God damn monsters.

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    trident042trident042 Registered User regular
    The one time I legitimately camped Black Friday was a nice experience. This was before holiday creep, but I did join the line in question at 10pm after turkey dinner. Took a friend with me, we played DS games and Magic together on my TV Dinner trays in camping chairs. We were probably the first people in line behind the six full-size camping tents, and that put us in a good way.

    When it came time to open up, the Best Buy did it the most right that I could at that time envision: I was there for The TV, which is to say the one that took up half of the front page of their Black Friday ad. My town's BB knew they only had X number of The TV, so around 4:30 they sent an employee up the row of tents with a stack of X photocopies of the front page of the ad, with The TV circled, and were like "Are you here for The TV" and I was like "Yeah" and they handed me one. Then they did the same for each other limited-stock item in their ad. As other employees came by, I was like "nope, not here for The Camera or The Laptop". Simple.

    They let people file in, in an orderly fashion, and take however long they liked to walk around and peruse less limited sales fare, and then when finished proceed up front (or out back!) to any registers with their photocopies, and claim their limited items. Easy.

    Simple and easy.

    Opening on Thursday before people are done eating dinner is neither of those things.
    And besides, online deals are the jam now anyway.

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