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[PATV] Monday, November 19, 2012 - CheckPoint Season 2, Ep. 29: Eternal Lawsuit



  • tigeralchemisttigeralchemist Registered User new member
    edited December 2012
    I totally forgot that they stated that they are on hiatus until January, I just thought that weren't making check point anymore and I had great sadness.

    tigeralchemist on
  • MinuteWaltMinuteWalt Mister Registered User regular
    The fact that it's almost January and I gets my Checkpoints backs soon totally made the world not ending today worthwhile.

    (PS, awesome job LLR for busing it like you (slowly and monotonously) stole it! And thanks Checkpoint for both cleavages, just because the comments got derailed into such a hilarious single-minded way. No-thanks, though, for Kathleen doing such a great, spot-on intimation of my mom yelling at me that I actually involuntarily physically cringed. The double association now makes me feel... conflicted... about Kathleen. (Graham's still a super-cute-beardy-nerd.))

  • FatSoDaFatSoDa Professor Doctor AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Yay for low cut shirts! thanks Kathleen

    [E]nforcing it Like I stole it

    PAX Aus Enforcer
  • johnnywhitebreadjohnnywhitebread Registered User regular
    @Falx - Wow. You really really really brought your comedy A-game! Multi-lols. If I had any spare internets, they would be yours.
    @akzel - Not -just- for the ladies. Meeee-YOW!
    @Shadowen - Why can't it be both? I suggest panderocking or possibly mondering.

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