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Legacy Access Database (2000-2003) issue

Jubal77Jubal77 Registered User regular
Good Morning Guys,

I will admit that I am not strong in Access. I have a compiled Access legacy "app" that is causing issues locally. I recieved a call that it was no longer working for the department after a reload of the machine that it resides on.

The problem is: There is a form that has a subform to input time. The subform is bound to an Employee ID on an Employee table. The variables for entry to the main form are a date range to use for entering time for a pay period and do not have any serious validation from what I can see. The subform objects fail to load or are not visible when the entry variables are entered.

I have done some research on this issue and have found that there may be compatability issues with the loading of a ComboBox with a saved Query or SQL statement. After importing the objects into a proxy DB to look at the code I do see that the base Form uses a saved query to populate the Employee ComboBox. This seems to function correctly and shows up just fine listing out the employees. The subform however uses a SELECT DISTINCTROW statemtent to populate the a ComboBox with a "Contract ID" dataset. This is one of the 7 objects that fail to load. The other objects are assorted entry for time, employee ID, TaskID (entered) etc.

The kicker with this issue is that the Database "app" works just fine from my office install at my computer (Office 2010). I have tried loading the DB on several different client machines over at the department to see if would load and it was a no go. I have also tried creating a XP SP2, Office 2003 base intall in a VirtualBox and that is also a no go.

I have looked at the references and on my machine where it works there is no additional references loaded when running the Database. The only differences is the version number for the object and dao libraries. One of the machines I tried to load it on at the department was a Win7 Office 2010 just like my machine but it failed to work. I have also made sure to reduce macro securty to low on all machines etc.

This is driving me nuts. I believe it is an update that is causing the issue but I am unsure. I am slowly upgrading the Office install in the virtualbox I have to SP1 to test it out and then I will try SP2 and so on but I was hoping someone here might be stronger in crappy Access than I am.

Thank you for your time.

Jubal77 on


  • Jubal77Jubal77 Registered User regular

    The subform is bound to a "Worked Time" table and uses the values entered to populate rows in that table. And so there are new rows of objects created in the subform for each row entered.

  • InfidelInfidel Heretic Registered User regular
    Make sure the Windows regional date and time settings have the same date format (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy or etc.)?

    Lots of times this is the issue for broken Access applications and could be the issue, especially if you're in Canada where Windows flips the day and month around if you actually pick Canadian regional settings.

  • Jubal77Jubal77 Registered User regular
    Thanks for the reply... I think I have it. It does appear to be a compatability issue because as soon as I installed SP1 of Office 2003 it is working. I am also pretty sure that the version of office 2010 that I have differs from the version that I tried at the department. What a dumb issue to have. They must have updated the clients to not allow the issue that was present. And since it was a mdb file it was hard to work with.

    This request has been figured out.

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