Call of Duty Black Ops 2, COD4, BF3 PC prized tournament, any interest? 5v5 / 8v8

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This will be my first time at PAX East this spring, I am a native of Boston MA and currently reside in the city and am looking forward to attending for the first time. For all the out-of-staters, welcome to Boston and enjoy! I am currently apart of a professional e Sports organization that plays PC FPS games competitively online and at LANs.

Is there any interest for a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 5v5 CTF(Bare bones, Competitive rules) LAN tournament? Would any sponsors be willing to offer up prizes?

Call of Duty has quite a large following online for streams (Although not quite as big as StarCraft 2 :D ) and I think it would be great to stimulate some activity for PAX, the sponsors, and create a great shoutcast for those to view at such a great event like PAX east.

My team would be more than interested in coming out to join me at PAX east, but would other teams be interested in the following?

BF3(5v5 or 8v8) or COD4(5v5 Promod) are also acceptable

Would love to see what kind of activity this garners.


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    PAX doesn't allow you to run your own tournaments at PAX as far as I know. Maybe get in touch with pax_questions@paxsite.com to see how you could go about doing something like that.

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