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Rain Slick 3 Android compatibility?

I have been waiting eagerly and excitedly for the release of Rain Slick 3 for the Android platform. However, according to the Google Play Store, it is incompatible with all of my Android devices! That's pretty surprising considering the range of Android devices I posses, including the Xperia PLAY (R800at), the Sony Tablet S (SGPT112US/S) and the new Xperia TL (LT30at).

Is there any reason why I can't buy, download and install Rain Slick 3 on any of my Android devices? o_O


  • crash1001crash1001 Registered User
    I had the same problem. I contacted Tinkerhouse and got permission for an APK file. Once I tested it on my device I told them and they happily activated on my devices. I suggest doing the same, as I'm pretty sure they've added no new devices

  • The Zeroth LawThe Zeroth Law Registered User
    Just E-mailed them and got a similar response. Hopefully they give me the same permission!

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