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Looking for Pathfinder/3.5 Virtual Tabletop group

NorinNorin Registered User new member
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I did a quick search for a megathread involving this, so hopefully I'm not just throwing wood on the pile here.
I'm relatively new, and looking for a group to play Pathfinder/3.5 on a virtual tabletop with (Roll20, Maptools, whatever.). My timezone is PST, but I can attend any time or day needed; though I prefer to play on the weekend if possible. I have a multitude of instant messengers, including an email specifically for this, and am happy to provide upon request. My preferred game is Pathfinder.
I do a lot of creative writing and roleplay, I could easily say that roleplay is one of the main reasons I play this game; so it goes without saying that I will require it from my fellow players.
As a player, I prefer to do quests rather than dungeon crawls. That isn't to say I am completely adverse to them, I would just rather work within a city than a fortress.
I am currently itching to play a Malefactor. I have a sheet already made up for a level one character, and I tend to play more "roguey" classes.
That is about the extent of what I can think to put here. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via one of my instant messengers.
Thanks for reading, if you have your own questions feel free to drop me a message here/pm me/whatever. My email is

Norin on


  • VanguardVanguard But now the dream is over. And the insect is awake.Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
    I would try of look for games on Google+ honestly. You could also cross post in the general thread and see who bites, too.

  • NorinNorin Registered User new member
    See, I would try looking for a physical game, but I'm three hours from the nearest major city, so that really just isn't an option.

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