"Feature" phones for USA luddites

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Hello all,
The missus has decided that she doesn't like her iPhone 4S. She wishes to harken back to a simpler time, one where making telephone calls is easier, and the Internet can go to hell, and batteries last for days, not hours. I can understand the appeal.

However, I have absolutely no idea what non-smartphone would be any good anymore (it's not like Nokia still make those awesome handsets from the late 90s... OR DO THEY?). Does anyone have any ideas? Where would I get one of these things? I have a strong pref for something full-price and unlocked that will work on both AT&T or T-Mobile.

EDIT: She really liked her Samsung Juke, as it was tiny. Things of this nature would be good. Technically she could still use it, but Verizon's $50 a month isn't competitive with, say Virgin Mobile's $30 a month.


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