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Pangolin, a curious game of bouncing.

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[large]Pangolin - [a curious game of bouncing] – FREE ![/large]

Introducing Pangolin, a new, indie iOS game using a unique, two-handed multi-touch interaction. Create trampolines of varying strength to propel Pangolin past spikes, through portals, and around moving obstacles.

About Pangolin:
[tab]• A game that will test your reflexes while watching a small, curious creature fly through the air, roll down hills, and ricochet off walls.
[tab]• A game both peaceful and nail-biting that’ll have your fingers jabbing the screen in completely new way.
[tab]• A world-hopping journey through the clouds, filled with colorful, curved slopes, purple trampolines, teleporting targets, and a few REALLY big crates.
[tab]• A physics-based-action-arcade-puzzle game... or something.
[tab]• A small, scaly anteater found in Southeast Asia and Africa.
[tab]• All of the above.

Don’t know the answer? Well... just play the game! - Its FREE
App Store Link:

Game Site (w/video trailer):

You Tube:

Screen Shots:


  • feedtankfeedtank Feedtank Brooklyn, NY , 11201Registered User new member
    I'm the developer, and this space is reserved for my updates!

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