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Sony PRS-T1 Ereader problem - inkblot in screen?

RitchmeisterRitchmeister Registered User regular
I got my PRS-T1 just under a year ago (like literally 2 weeks shy of a year), and haven't used it the last two weeks due to it being the last two weeks of uni, go to use it today and it has this weird stain type mark on it. It appears even when the ereader is turned off, it's not a crack, it wasn't there two weeks ago and hasn't been used or touched at all since. If it was an actual book it looks like the ink had ran a bit.
Here is a picture
Anyone know what this is? It's not very large and so not massively annoying but I'm thinking I'm still in warranty so could get it fixed if possible.


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    BartholamueBartholamue Registered User regular
    I'd say call customer service to see if you can get it fixed, just to be sure you can.

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    RookRook Registered User regular
    The screen has been damaged causing some of the e-ink to come out. Try holding it at an angle under the light and you might be able to see a slight imprint on the surface. I had the same thing happen to my kindle whilst on holiday and it looks exactly the same.

    Probably not warranty-able but you could always ask and claim ignorance.

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